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The Long and Short Body Therapist Information Sheet.

The Long and Short Body Therapist sounds followed shortly after the Massage Sounds which were created in 2009 to assist Massage Therapists to give their clients an improved workout with less pressure on the therapist. In fact the original information said; ‘The two CD programs in this pack have been designed to alleviate many of the physical stresses and tensions often experienced by massage therapists when working with their client, and a more relaxing and beneficial massage experience for your client.

So how do these programs work?.

Having used specific Tibetan Tingshaw bells to create the original The Healing Sounds and later the Sounds from Source programs I have used the Vibrational frequencies of ancient Tibetan bells and pure intention to create a simple yet powerful method of releasing tensions and cellular memories from the body.

Description of sound
Similar to the “The Short and Long Massage therapists program” the Short and Long Body Therapists program consists of two individual  mp3 programs.

The Short 15 minute mp3 program is made up of the sound of waves and music interspersed with Tibetan bells, with approximately three minutes of bells at the start and then a bell sound approximately every 30 seconds

The one hour program is composed of the same waves, music and bells.

Both of these programs instruct the clients body to release tensions and allows the body to “realign” itself on the table thus making the therapy more pleasant for the client, and less stressful for the practitioner

Sound Length

Sound 1 15 minutes and Sound 2 1 hour

How this sound came about
Both the Long and Short massage therapist, and the Long and Short body therapist programs were created to assist fellow practitioners who work ‘hands on’ with clients.

Often it can literally be hard work, and many therapists find that their own health has suffered through strain injuries and the sheer physical strain of therapy practices over a period of years.

Being aware that I could release tension and stress in the body quite simply with sound both Susan and I felt that it was a worthwhile experiment to add the sounds to music.

Much research on Susan’s part gave us the sounds of the waves and our enterprising recording genius added the two together.

Like the two Sounds from Source Massage Therapist programs no’s 95/96 and the Body Therapist sounds no 101/ 102 these programs are based on the sound of waves, known to be relaxing, and these sounds are overlaid at the beginning with approximately three minutes of the gentle sounds of the Tibetan bells. These gentle sounds are designed to instruct the body to release locks, blockages and tensions from the organs, the muscles and the skeletal structure of the body.

The initial sounds of the bells on the mp3 allow the clients body to realign itself by communicating with the electrical structure of the body, the meridian system, and instructing this system to release tensions etc, in the cells, muscles, and ligaments, as well as in the skeletal structure.

As these sounds work at a very deep cellular level by using the vibrationary sounds of the tingshaw bells with pure intention a correction in body posture is almost immediate and may often be observed by the therapist especially in the aligning of disparities in leg length etc.

The relaxing sounds of the waves continue with a short bell sequence, of approximately 2 seconds repeated once each minute.

The two individual programs allow for the option of a 15 minutes or one hour of sounds.

Comment from Susan – I would like to add a word of caution here, if you are a therapist – please ensure that your place is energetically ‘clean’, before playing these tracks.

You could use the Daily Practitioner mp3 or The Clearing Sounds and Sensitivity. As you are no doubt aware, there can be an energetic ‘residue’ left behind by clients. Because of the purity of the sounds – they tend to act like a giant spotlight and they will sound ‘annoying’ or ‘irritating’ if the space is not clean.
If you find this is the case, your space needs cleaning, or you or your client may have a negative attachment which needs to be addressed.
Playing the other sounds listed above will ensure that you, your client and your space is energetically clean.
These sounds when played in a clean space, with a clear therapist and client should be pleasing to the ear and relaxing on the body.

​Susan’s advice is very applicable here. One of the earliest vibrational sound programs I created is no 15 Daily Practitioner.

The Daily Practitioner Sounds are three short sets of sounds all a minute of less in duration. These powerful sounds may well be your best tool as a practitioner.

Play the first track to set your intention as a practitioner for the day for the optimum levels of intention for yourself and your client.

The second track should be played between clients to remove all emotional and energetic issues left behind by the previous client, thus avoiding the “cross contamination” of a later client picking up the emotional or energetic issues of a previous client, or clients.

The third track is played at the end of the day to release any thoughts feelings and emotions which you as a practitioner may have accepted or had attach to you which are not yours, and to re-energise and revitalise yourself.
** Available also in The Clearing Sounds for non practitioners to clear Spaces, Venues and as a variety of sounds for at home or business use.

Sound Length
Tk1 .34secs,
Tk2 .46secs,
Tk3 .50secs

The Daily Practitioner, Clearing sounds for businesses or home space and venue are available under the Holistic Practitioner programs and a variety of the Sounds from Source programs are available on the website at:

Many of the original Sounds from Source programs are Practitioner use only and fit into different categories of learning.

By adding these programs on the Sheila-Kennedy.com website at www.sheila-kennedy.com I can make them program available to a wider audience.




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