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Holistic Practitioner 9 Stress 2 no 732 and Long Stress Frequencies

The Sounds from Source Sound no 61Stress

The original Stress sounds no 61 were developed to release pent up stresses, and emotions which may be held within the cells, muscles and organs of the body.

As one of a series of 3 individual sounds the Stress, Tension, and Relaxation programs were designed to address the cells of the body and to replace negative instructions or programming with positive instructions.

These Sounds from Source MP3 programs were created many years ago specifically to assist a number of clients who reported suffering from issues of stress or tension.

The Stress 2 sounds at no 732 were developed many years later and although again a relatively short program these powerful sounds work to a deeper level in communicating with the individual cells to release stresses and tensions.

These sounds are ideal for at home use, or in a clinical practice setting and are often included in the Sounds from Source Practitioner programs.

Sound Length 2 minutes and 55seconds

Both of the Stress sounds were developed to assist many clients who hold physical ‘stresses’ in their bodies, i.e. in the jaw through clenched teeth, in the tension in the shoulders, and often in the low back and legs.

These ‘in body’ stresses are often the accumulation of the daily issues of the stress of life which are built up over many years and can have a physical effect on the health and wellbeing of the body.

As with many of the Sounds from Source programs the stress, tension, relaxation, tranquillity and T.M.J sounds which work with releasing tension in the jaw through the Tempero Mandible Joint have all been created to deal with individual stresses in the body.

The Long Stress Free Frequencies was created to allow a longer and more sustained version of stress release and is especially useful when played in conjunction with or following sound no 732 Stress 2

By combining specific frequencies with the Tibetan Bells it is possible to create a deeper and more profound experience.

Sound Length 32 minutes and 4 seconds

Sounds from Source Comment from Susan – Stress is a good one to play if you have been physically working hard, combine it with tension and relaxation.

​Then enjoy an early night. I personally love the feeling I get after a full days physical work, play these again with flexibility the next day to help with the stiffness that can often be felt the following day.

Play this sound also, if you are going through an emotionally charged period, emotion tends to store itself in the shoulders and lower back causing stress and tension.


The earlier StressTension and Relaxation programs are available individually and also as a 3 sound pack of ‘Stress, Tension and Relaxation’.


By adding theStress, Tension and Relaxationprograms the website at I can make these program available to a wider audience.


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