31 Minutes Energetic Alignment and Emotional Enhancement




The Professional Program12 The ShortEnergetic Alignment program


The specific vibrational sounds in the Professional program 12came about some years apart in 2007 and 2012 respectively and fit very well together. Although they are not specifically Sounds from Source sounds they fit very well with the other sounds on the website at www.soundsfromsource.com.

The Short Energetic Alignmentprogram is a short 32 minute version of a longer Energetic Alignment program at 79 minutes or 1 hour and 19 minutes long that was created in the early 2000’s.

Based on a program which tested 98 individual areas of the body and dealt with 108 areas, and what has been described as the 12 Rays of Illumination which include the colours of








Green Violet

Green Blue


Orange Pink


The origins of this work are based on research by my ex deceased husband in the early 2000 and then combining our talents in 2007 to create a different series of vibrational sound programs under the Absolute Health and Wellness brand.

Emotional Enhancement

The emotional enhancement program is intended to enhance and balance the emotional state or ‘mood’. A short and powerful program both in its own right and I  conjunction with other programs.

A combination of Tibetan bells and energetic frequencies that can be played on very low to silent to suit.

Sound length 5 minutes and 45 seconds

These are great programs to use with clients in both personal and absent sessions and they are intended to ‘align’ the energetic frequencies of the body on both the physical and spiritual levels.

In offering these programs as both individual and combined versions of single or multiple packages they expand the ways in which they can be used.

These programs have been recreated in this instance for the vibrational health programs asindividual vibrational soundswith a frequency overlay combining the Tibetan Tingshaw Bells, with energetic Frequencies for use in a holistic health setting.

By adding specific frequencies to the Tibetan Bells it is possible to create a deeper and more in-depth program.

These sounds for are available under the Holistic Practitioner programs; and a variety of the Sounds from Source programs are available on the website at:





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