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The Athletes Sports Bag

The Athletes Sports Bag Sheila Kennedy and Tina (Ciavarella) West
Offering cutting edge information for the optimal athlete

The 7 Steps to Freedom – Sheila Kennedy

In exploring anxiety from a different viewpoint you will be able to recognise it for what it is, simply a misalignment of the energetic or energy structure.Are you ready to explore other options. It will cost you nothing to give this a try and potentially, you have everything to gain.

Sophia Fit - Sophia McDermott

Currently Sophia teaches women’s group classes in self defense, jiu jitsu and fitness. She also teaches jiu jitsu and nutrition seminars worldwide and host Lifestyle Camps geared towards health and wellness and empowerment. Sophia also focuses on online lifestyle coaching/ personal training/ meal plans and is a writer for multiple reputable health and fitness magazines.

Author ,

Akasha Healing Haven – Kathleen Tysoe

Kinesiology, Quantum Biofeedback with INDIGO, Health Priorities Support, Sports Performance, Energy clearing, Palm, Tarot, Health Products, Crystal Jewels

Kathleen Tysoe is a Featured Columnist for The Athletes Sports Bag Membership program

Samantha Jane Holistic Therapy

Energy & Vibrational Sound Healing Healing, Past-Life Regression,Holistic Counselling,Meditation & Relaxation, Intuitive Art, Creative Journalling – unique healing sessions for you to release unhelpful patterns of behaviour ,connect with your intuition,guides & angels. |

Arvo Therapy

Finding effective ways to wake up your body’s energy to stimulate self healing has driven me to take on extensive global training. What began as a part-time practice quickly grew to a full-time discipline, passion and lifestyle.
I have been applying the techniques, training and experience gained across a range of therapies for over a decade.
All the therapies we offer at the clinic work together to complement one another and provide you with a thorough assessment and treatment experience.

with Arvo Juhani Pakarinen and co-therapist Nola Atkin

Tammy Richie and YUCAN2

I CAN Manifest anything I choose
I CAN live the life I deserve
I CAN have fun and be happy
I CAN choose my life and take chances
I CAN be successful
I CAN live an abundant life
I CAN be an inspiration for others
I CAN be the change I want to see in the World
I CAN teach from the heart


Gad Savage

My go to person for book covers, logo’s and social media banners

Fortitude Wellbeing – Tina (Ciavarella) West

Are YOU looking for something different or ‘out of the ordinary’? Then Tina West may be the answer for you.

Tina is the ownwer of Fortitude Wellbeing and The Athletes Sports Bag programs, and is as passionate about the modalities she offers and teaches as she is about her sporting achievements in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

With a background in Vbrational Sound Therapy through the Sounds from Source Academy Tina has completed the Basic, Intermediate and Hight Order Energetic Clearance level programs allowing her to work on many different levels and aspects of the mind body and soul as well as the clearing of high order dimensional energies and entities.

Courses through Fortitude Wellbeing include:

The Inner Warrior programs and Krystal Energy Healing.

Tina has a passion for assisting other’s to feel strong confident and resilient allowing them to live their lives more easily and effortlessly, and to utilize Universal tools to assist them in living a happier, healthier and more balanced life.

Whether you are looking for a ‘specialised  service’ either in person or distantly Tina is able to assist you with appointments in Echuca or Elesternwick in Victoria Australia or via Skype for both Interstate and Overseas clientele.

Tina has a passion for sharing knowledge and offer specialised workshops and courses to assist others on their journeys to awareness and fulfilment both in Australia and Overseas including wellness retreats in California, Florida and Colorado and client appointments in other states.  r something different

Ancient Lakes

Ancient Lakes Magnesium is a small family business based in Perth, Western Australia.

The Lister family has harvested mineral-rich salt from pristine ancient salt lakes in Western Australia for over three generations.

The salt is created anew every year on the lake’s surface by the rain, sun and wind, protected inside a Salt Harvest Sanctuary that guarantees its purity.

Below the salt layer lies a unique source of magnesium and other essential trace elements. This is commonly known as magnesium ‘oil’, but in fact is a concentrated ionic magnesium solution properly known as ‘bitterns’.

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