High Order Spiritual Sounds –Connecting with Higher Purpose




High Order Spiritual Sounds –Connecting with Higher Purpose

Sound no299 for the more Spiritually aware


The very specific words which are used to create the vibrational sound programs are gifted or downloaded to me and often in creating the sounds I have spent many hours ‘downloading’ this gifted information and either writing or typing the words as they were given. Many of this newly released series of High Order sounds have not been available to the public previously and in combining specific frequencies with the sounds there is an improved efficacy as well as being able to take the encoded information to deeper levels.

The origins of the Connecting with Higher Purpose sounds have their origins in Sound no 38. Higher Purpose a very early Sounds from Source program dating back to 2005. And I said then ‘Working as I have for many years with the higher dimensional levels of spirituality, I believe that these sounds were a must for many of the clients who sought my assistance’.

The Higher Purpose sounds are a set of limited play sounds ie that is they are not some thing that a practitioner would consider playing for the average everyday client.

These sounds were specifically created for those clients who are on a spiritual journey and who may present with issues including feeling detached, ungrounded, unbalanced, “out of their body” or just not with it.

Designed to create balance in the higher or soul / spirit levels of the mind.

How this sound came about
Working as I have for many years with the higher dimensional levels of spirituality, I believe that these sounds were a must for those people who are on a spiritual journey of their own.

Often we are not aware of our higher purpose in being incarnated in this life, or we feel stuck on our individual paths.

Much of my own personal guidance has been channelledor downloaded  to me as are the sounds, and this happens in many ways, sometimes I hear ‘words’ rather than a voice, other times I write, often pages and pages of amazing messages, and in the instance of the sounds I  generally type.

So we all connect in our own individual ways, and these beautiful sounds have been created to assist you on your spiritual journey.

Comment from Susan – This is a very personal sound. Although, I have on occasion played this sound in a group situation, particularly within the Abundance and Prosperity program. Usually this is played for an individual who is after some guidance for a new ultimately, fulfilling direction. As with all the sounds which deal with matters on a spiritual plane, I shall add this caveat – we live in a physical dimension, and in this dimension internal and external action or actions is the catalyst to moving forward and enacting change within your life.

Moving forward to sound no 299 Connecting with Higher Purpose

As we all connect in our own individual waysmany instances in working with the body of consciousness that I recognise as the Source of the Healing Sounds or Sounds from Source and updated version of an earlier sound will present or an additional sounds to use in conjunction with one another sometimes many years later and contain more in-depth information and levels of clarity.

The vibrational sound program that followed the original sounds for Higher Purpose came sometime later at no 299 and is called Connecting with Higher Purpose and is intended to assist in creating a specialised connection between the physical and soul alignment of our higher purpose.

How often do we ‘muddy the waters’ by searching blindly or following ‘good advice’ intended to align us and connect us with XYZ.?

How many times have we spent often long periods of time or our financial currency studying with this or that ‘guru or master’?

The ability to connect with your higher purpose is within you, simply waiting to be ‘invited when you are ready’.

The Connecting Higher Purpose sounds are not magical or a ‘quick fix’ they are simply a ‘tool’ for those who are ready to move forward.

Unlike many of the High Level Spiritual sounds which may only require being played once, the Connecting Higher Purpose sounds can be used in conjunction with meditation, with other Sounds from Source vibrational sound programs and as an opening to higher levels of knowledge for those seeking clarity and wisdom.

Connecting with Higher Purpose Sound Length 1.21

A short and powerful set of sounds which have not previously been for sale and which may be of assistance and of benefit to the 10 percent of souls who are currently incarnate on earth for a higher purpose.

These sounds are not for everyone, your own spiritual evolvement will guide you if the Connecting with Higher Purpose High Order sounds available through the Spiritual programare meant for you.

​A good deal of thought went into the inclusion of these high level vibrational sound and frequency programs to the Spiritual Programs. By adding these programs on the Sheila-Kennedy.com website at www.sheila-kennedy.com I can make them available to a wider audience.







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