High Order Spiritual Sounds –Awareness 1




High Order Spiritual Sounds –Awareness 1

Sound no158 for the more Spiritually aware


The very specific words which are used to create the vibrational sound programs are gifted or downloaded to me and often in creating the sounds I have spent many hours ‘downloading’ this gifted information and either writing or typing the words as they were given. Many of this newly released series of High Order sounds have not been available to the public previously and in combining specific frequencies with the sounds there is an improved efficacy as well as being able to take the encoded information to deeper levels.


As a Spiritual and Metaphysical teacher for many years I have used the words ‘Be Aware’ with numerous clients and students over the years and I continue to believe that our ‘Awareness’ is an important part of our lives.The Awareness 1  sounds deal with all levels of our awareness; physical mental spiritual and emotional as well as the other levels of senses and energetic fields we may not even recognise and senses we may have forgotten that we have.

As with many of the other Sounds from Source sounds, this sound was not planned or even thought about, and it came as quite a surprise when it presented itself along side some other sounds over the period of just a few days to Susan and I as we were working on the Energetic Balance and Harmony course.in 2007

An incredibly powerful and far reaching sound Awareness 1 allows for clearing and balancing the deep levels of balance and harmony on all levels of being.

Comment from Susan – This sound is excellent if you have a situation that seems immovable. It assists with bringing to your awareness whatever factors are in play or need to be in play or should not be in play. Plus it helps optimise and

balance a situation for the best.


Length of Sound 17.minutes and 22 seconds

Awareness 1 is the first of 3 powerful awareness programs that have come into being over time and these sounds have previously not been released. I have chosen to make Awareness 1 and Awareness 2 available through the Spiritual Programs througha series of personal in-depth sessions for Awareness 1,2 and 3 under Services.

These sounds are not for everyone, your own spiritual evolvement will guide you if the Connecting with Higher Purpose High Order sounds available through the Spiritual programare meant for you.

​A good deal of thought went into the inclusion of these high level vibrational sound and frequency programs to the Spiritual Programs. By adding these programs on the Sheila-Kennedy.com website at www.sheila-kennedy.com I can make them available to a wider audience.








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