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The Spiritual Swoosh Technique Information

The Swoosh technique is a simple and effective program that Sheila has used with clients since the late 1990’s and which can be used for a variety of applications in your life.

In creating a ‘spiritual version of the Swoosh Program we are able to expand its uses even further.

The Swoosh program is based on using your subconscious mind, an incredibly powerful part of your body, which knows only what you tell it, and which will faithfully repeat your instructions back to you every time. It can be seen as being like a ‘filing cabinet’ for your mind.

In working with the levels of your mind and the Spiritual Swoosh process you are able to envision powerful changes at any time to suit yourself.

The Spiritual Swoosh Technique comprises a PDF of the Spiritual Swoosh program and a voice recording of the general Swoosh Technique.

This ten minute recording may be of benefit for those people who prefer a guided instruction as they work through the process.

As an additional Bonus a fifteen minute voice recording of the Swoosh Technique from the Inner Warrior program with Tina West has been included.


Look out for an online version of The Inner Warrior program with Tina West in the future atwww.thelotusbirthkits.com




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Copyright by SheilaKennedy.com | All rights reserved.