Astral Travel Protection Program




Astral Travel Protection Program

From my perspective Astral Travelling fits into the lower levels of out of body experiences along with some meditative practices. Believing that the light we emit when we are in an ‘altered space’ can attract ‘other energies’ which may not be to our benefit or greater good the Astral Travel sounds were one of the first of the Frequency combinations.

We are told that ‘The astral plane, also called the astral realm or the astral world, is a plane of existence postulated by classical, medieval, oriental, and esoteric philosophies and mystery religions’. Wikipedia

It is my belief that as we ‘travel’ out of our physicality on any level  from some basic meditation, prayer or astral travel through to the  known and unknown levels  of what we could call ‘time and space that we leave an ‘Energetic Footprint’ A lot like a Jetstream against the sky. The Galactic Sleep programs provide a level of protection

Workingwith a talented colleague with similar interests in the Galactic field and with a deep knowledge of  working with frequencies in 2012, we created many programs together over an eighteen month period and due to his background and past he chose not to have his name associated with them.

The Astral Travel Protection is one of the Galactic Sleep Programs that are a High Level series of programs intended to assist those souls who experience Astral Travel or Out of Body and Beyond journeys to other Dimensional Realities.

Played at any time that you are planning to sleep or engage in any form of outer body experience.

For more information please see the About the Galactic Sleep Series Download,

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