High Order Sleep Protection with Frequencies




High Order Sleep Protection with Frequencies

I combined specific frequencies with the ‘Sleep’ sounds back in 2012for improved efficacy as well as to take the encoded information to deeper levels.

When I was asked about creating a series of ‘Clearing’ sounds in March of 2020 I had not intended to add the ‘Sleep’ sounds and yet once again the Universe has a way of moving us in different directions and the ‘lock down’ of Australia due to the Covid 19 or Corona virus gave pause for thought and was added to by some specific requests, especially in this instance the High Order Sleep Protection and Grounding programs

One of the very early Sounds from Source vibrational sound programs was

Sound Number 19- Sleep Sounds Child

Description of sound

The Children’s Sleep Sounds were developed to release all and any thoughts, feelings, fears and emotions which may prevent this child or children from enjoying a calm and peaceful sleep.

By gently removing the tensions of the day , these calming sounds allow the child or children to enjoy the restorative sleep patterns their body requires and then to awaken feeling refreshed and rejuvenated by nature and ready to accept the positive and beneficial abundance of their new day.

These sounds are extremely beneficial for children who experience disturbed sleep patterns and or nightmares.

Sound Length 3.22 minutes

How this sound came about
The Children’s Sleep Sounds were developed to assist a young client who’s children were having nightmares every night and waking continually throughout the night.

The Children’s Sleep Sounds release the pent up stresses and emotions from the day and allow the child/ children to have a more settled night’s sleep.

The are very beneficial for the children who are ‘aware’ or who see, things which adults may not be familiar with.

Comment from Susan – I have a daughter who was having trouble sleeping at night and was having nightmares. This sound definitely assisted her with sleeping more soundly (excuse the pun). I also have a client whose child kept waking during the night and coming into her bedroom. Playing this sound lessened the nightly visits dramatically. I would also recommend you play the Clearing Sounds Home and Sensitivity before bedtime as well. This sound is also good for adults.


The Children’sSleep sound was closely followed by sound no 20. Sleep Sounds – Adult

Description of sound

The Sleep Sounds were developed to release from the cellular levels of the body, the thoughts, feelings and emotions which may prevent the person listening to them from having a restful and restorative sleep.

How many times do we hear of people who toss and turn all night, and who ‘ have tried everything’ to no avail. The  Adult Sleep Sounds are a gentle yet effective way of relaxing your mind and your body and allowing you to sleep.

These sounds may be played as often as desired by the client.

Sound Length 3.22 minutes

How this sound came about
Having created the Children’s sleep sounds, there were many requests for Sleep sounds for Adults, I often speak to clients who tell me that they can’t sleep without some type of sedative, and in many instances they have been using these sedatives for years. Or that they need to have a Television or radio on to settle down and go to sleep.

The Adult sleep sounds have a calming effect on the body and are suitable to use as often as required.

Comment from Susan – This sound is great for a restful nights sleep, especially if you are stressed and can’t sleep. Excellent if you are burning the midnight oil for whatever reason, such as a project or study and want really restful sleep during the few hours you are allocating yourself.


These original Sleep sounds were later joined by two more Sleep sounds in the Special Children and then the Special or Sensitive Adult series of programs.

Now, ‘new sounds’ We have recently recorded a series of very unique sounds for Special Children . These are the sensitive youngsters who may not ‘be a good fit’ into daily life, or the sensitive adult who struggles to cope with the world we live in. There are 7 sounds in this series No’s 654 to 660

654 Start the Day (Special Children),

655 Tall Poppy, Often Special Children do not fit in or are subjected to in some instances bullying for being different,

656 Grounding, Is your Special child off in the clouds or away with the fairies a good deal of the time. The Grounding sounds may assist them to be more ‘present’

657 Sensitivity, The heavy feeling you may have when you come home from being around other people may be affecting your child also

658 Protection, Creating a protective barrier against energetic attachments

659 Sleep, Many special children ‘invite or attract in’ other energies especially of a night. That cry for help and the ‘monster in the room’ may be very real

660 Acknowledgement. Allowing and assisting the child to acknowledge that they may be different from every one else, and that is OK.

I will share some information with you here about the Special Adult sounds as I believe that it may offer an explanation as to why so  many ‘spiritual’ people and especially those on a ‘high level’ journey may have remaining ‘grounded’.

The Special Adult Sounds have their origins in a series of unique sounds that were created for Special Children. Like these sensitive youngsters who may not ‘be a good fit’ into daily life; basically, the sensitive adult may struggle to cope with the world we live in on a daily basis or experience situations of emotional overwhelm. There are 7 sounds in this series No’s 654A to 660A with the ‘A’ denoting the Adult series. Often special children or adults may be described as fitting into the Indigo, Rainbow, Crystal, Star and Blue Ray categories which have been talked about for a number of years and have been the basis of many marketing campaigns and speculations. My thoughts on this vary as to the time frames accredited to for example the ‘ Indigo children and adults of being present on ‘earth’ since 1975 whereas I believe that these sensitive energetic souls have been with us for a much longer period,

Whilst the Special Adult sounds are not intended to identify or relate to a specific soul group these gentle yet powerful sound programs have proved to be of benefit to many.

The 7 sounds in the Special Adult series comprise of:

654 Start the Day Special Adult. Beginning your day with a positive outlook for the most positive day for you,

655 Tall Poppy. Often Special Adults do not ‘fit in’ or are subjected to in some instances ‘bullying’ both in family and workplace situations for being different, I refer to this as the Tall Poppy scenario where what people do not understand they often fear and what they fear that may ‘attack’.

656 Grounding. Are you often described as ‘off in the clouds or away with the fairies’ a good deal of the time? Or have feelings of being ‘ungrounded’ The Grounding sounds may assist you to be more ‘present’ or have a deeper connection to the earth,

657 Sensitivity. The original ‘Sensitivity’ sounds were created around 2006 specifically for those people who described a ‘heavy feeling’ that they had when they came home from built up areas; especially shopping center’s or from being around other people. The energies that you pick up from such areas or groups of people may be affecting you more than you may realise. The original Sensitivity sound is still one of the most powerful sounds that I have created at No 85 in the Directory of Sounds at www.soundsfromsource.com and it is this sound that was originally adapted for the Sensitivity Special Children sound.

 658 Protection. Creating a protective barrier against energetic attachments. Energetic attachments can create uncomfortable feelings in sensitive people, and negative energies can be drawn like a moth to a flame. The Protection sounds are very useful here.

659 Sleep. Sleep can be a trying time for many Sensitive adults. The issues of ‘getting to sleep’ or having a restful sleep. Played just before or at bedtime the Sensitive Adult sleep sounds can be very beneficial. Many special or sensitive adults may ‘invite or attract in’ other energies especially of a night. That cry for help and the ‘monster in the room’ in a child may be very real, and for the sensitive adult disturbed sleep patterns and vivid dreams can be related to the ‘astral’ state.


660 Acknowledgement. Allowing and assisting yourself to acknowledge that you may be different or more sensitive than others around you, and that is OK, and that you have the tools to assist you on this life journey.

In creating the High Order Sleep Protection sounds with the addition of the ‘specific frequencies” it was possible to create and even more powerful series of sounds.

who like myself have very little sleep and on a personal note I have spent almost one third of my life NOT sleeping of a night and although I found that the original and the special sleep sounds were of benefit at times I was also aware of the amount of time I spent ‘travelling or out of body’ exploring other dimensional areas and also of ‘what I may have brought back from these areas with me’.

There is also the awareness of the area at the back of the neck I personally describe as ‘the seat of the soul’ and an area very vulnerable to ‘attachments’ of a negative nature.

I will borrow here the Comment from Susan on the High Order Grounding program –

As Sheila says, this is a very necessary sound for people on a spiritual journey.

They can require grounding to bring them back in – so to speak. I always remind people, yes we are all spiritual beings – but we live here on earth, on a physical plane – use your spiritual awareness to enhance your experience of living here – not to escape it.
Also, good if your energy is scattered and you are having difficulty focusing on day to day living. I have also found that anyone who has gone through or is going through any sort of trauma, may require grounding to be played on a regular basis to assist them in coping with everyday living.

The High Order Sleep protection program covers a number of these areas also and fits very well with the other High Order programs especially Grounding and External Sabotage.

I suggest playing the High Order Sleep Protection with Frequencies program either just before or after you go to bed. If you are having a difficult night it can be played again to suit.









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