Galactic Sleep Protection




Galactic Sleep Protection

Having created many vibrational sound programs under the Sounds from Source Logo from 2005 and ongoing) I began to work in 2012 with a talented colleague with similar interests in the Galactic field and a deep knowledge of  working with frequencies. We created many programs together and due to his background and past he chose not to have his name associated with them;

The Galactic Sleep Programs are a High Level series of programs intended to assist those souls who experience Out of Body or Astral Travel and Beyond journeys to other Dimensional Realities.

This series includes; Sleep Protection, High Order Sleep Protection, Sleep Protection and Clearing Infection, Protecting SoS Bells, Protecting SoS bells and Frequencies, Astral Travel Protection, Astral Travel Protection and Infection and C.R.S.M.

Galactic Sleep Protection

The Galactic Sleep protection sounds were the forerunner of this series of unique and powerful sound programs. Why would people needed protection while they sleep I have been asked and I have gone into some depth in the About the Galactic Sleep Series which is a free download in the section.

In brief many of the often special or sensitive children or adults may be described as fitting into the Indigo, Rainbow, Crystal, Star and Blue Ray categories which have been talked about for a number of years and have been the basis of many marketing campaigns and speculations. My thoughts on this vary as to the time frames accredited to for example the ‘ Indigo children and adults of being present on ‘earth’ since 1975 whereas I believe that these sensitive energetic souls have been with us for a much longer period,

These sounds are especially beneficial for those people who like myself have very little sleep and on a personal note I have spent almost one third of my life NOT sleeping of a night and although I found that the original and the special sleep sounds were ofbenefit at times, I was also aware of the amount of time I spent ‘travelling or out of body’ exploring other dimensional areas and also of ‘what I may have brought back from these areas with me’.

There is also the awareness of the area at the back of the neck I personally describe as ‘the seat of the soul’ and an area very vulnerable to ‘attachments’ of a negative nature.

The Galactic Sleep Protection sound coversa number of these areas also and fits very well with the other High Order programs especially Grounding and External Sabotage

I suggest playing the Galactic Sleep Protection program either just before or after you go to bed. If you are having a difficult night it can be played again to suit.


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