CRSM, CRSM Contamination, CRSM Cross Contamination




The Professional Program 6CRSM, Contamination, Cross Contamination


Sounds no 685, 816, 817


The specific vibrational sounds in the Professional program 6came about through 3 specific issues some years apart and they have their basis in sound no 414 Collapsing Residual Signature Memories(CRSM) created in 2011 which is one of the most important of the ‘higher level’ practitioner programs belonging to the High Order Energetic Clearance program of ‘HOEC’ through the Sounds from Source  website at

The three Practitioner ‘sound’ programs which make up ‘The Professional Program 6Pack’include sound no 685 CRSM short prac version, no 816 Contamination and no 817 Cross Contamination and have not been previously released.


Sound no 414 Collapsing Residual Signature Memories came about from a song. One I do not remember hearing before although is was originally created in 1966 by Bob Lind and called Elusive Butterfly; this song came up on a CD that had been put together for me with a compilation of songs and it began to play as I sat in the car warning up my motor prior to driving. and I was in the driveway and facing my bedroom window.

Having spent many years working on the ‘deeper’ levels of energetic ‘issues and illnesses’ I am very aware of being at times ‘out of body’ or in alternate dimensional realities, and of the possibility of leaving a ‘footprint’ or a track of where I have been and I work accordingly. What the lyrics of the Elusive Butterfly presented to me was the same situations from a different perspective. My questioning took me down the path of ‘was a creating a disturbance in someone else’s dimensional reality, or leaving a toxic perhaps residue that may have an adverse effect.

I created the 15 minutes and 21 seconds sound for the High Order Practitioners to use at the completion of their sessions.

A few years later in teaching a Sounds from Source Intermediate program to some very bright practitioners I mentioned sound no 414 in passing and I received a number of requests to be able to include this sound in ‘practitioner toolboxes’.

The Sounds from Source sound programs are categorised / listed under specific teaching levels for a reason and this was not as Susan and I discussed at the time one that we were comfortable releasing to practitioner of the lower level teachings.

Instead I created a new sound at no 686 called C.R.S.M. or a shortened version of Collapsing Residual Signature Memories.

Sound No 685 C.R.S.M

Sound Length 2 minutes and 13 seconds

Although only a short sound CRSM may be one of the most useful and powerful tools in your practitioner toolbox.

It can be used at both the beginning and the end of a practitioner session to remove any unwanted attachments that the client may have unknowingly brought with them and is a good way to ‘close down’ your session when you have finished.

The Contamination and Cross Contamination sounds came much later and as with the majority of the Sounds from Source vibrational sound programs simply because they were needed.

816 Contamination

Sound Length 3 minutes and 21 seconds

The Contamination and Cross Contamination programs were created one after the other and are intended to be used together and in conjunction with the CRSM program.

These two sounds are intended to remove energetic ‘attachments’ that may have attached to your client throughlife in general, other practitioners and deliberate ‘thoughtforms’.

It is possible for these ‘contaminants’ to be transferred from one person to another and from client to practitioner and vice versa.

817 Cross Contamination

Sound Length 3 minutes and 21 seconds

In the instance of the Contamination and Cross Contamination sounds I had been working with a small group of practitioners over a weekend and at the end of the weekend realised that I had a ‘ring’ of what appeared to be bites around one of my wrists. They began as being small and appeared to be innocuous,however over the course of a few days they became larger, itchy and annoying.

Some careful consideration and a great many questions traced them transferring to me and the original ‘infection’ back to a Shaman in Peru who had through jealousy ‘made my student’ very unwell at the time of her being in Peru and the subsequent ‘infection’ had transferred to me.

As much off my work is of a high level and not the ‘general everyday issues’ I decided to create sounds 816 and 817 as a way of removing these contaminations and cross contaminations and in combining them with sound 685 CRSM they become a powerful tool to finish off any practitioner session.

These program have been recreated in this instance for the vibrational health programs asindividual vibrational soundswith a frequency overlay combining the Tibetan Tingshaw Bells, with energetic Frequencies for use in a holistic health setting.

By adding specific frequencies to the Tibetan Bells it is possible to create a deeper and more in-depth program.

These sounds for are available under the Holistic Practitioner programs; and a variety of the Sounds from Source programs are available on the website at:


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