Individual High Level Clearings Overview

High Level Clearing – There are a number of High Level Clearing programs available and these are based on what I term  ‘Genetic Ancestral Memory whereby every cell within our bodies carries memory from all of those ancestors who have gone before us, and Chakra Memory or the sum total of the memories from every life we have ever lived. The High Level Clearing programs allow you to take back your own power.

The individual High Level Clearings include:

The Releasing Ancient and Modern Contracts and Agreements program which was created in 2007 clears both ancient and current issues which may be holding you back without you being aware of what the issues are. A feeling of stagnating, of being unable to move forward or of not being in control of your life. This in-depth service is based on 20 levels of Ancient and Modern Contracts, the 40 States of Being that we may have been in when we made those contracts and the 30 levels of Enforceable Obligations that we may have knowingly or unknowingly agreed to.

Releasing Ancient and Modern Vows; I am currently aware of more than 60 individual vows that we may have in place in this lifetime and carried through from previous incarnations, this service includes the Releasing Enforceable Obligations program.

The individual vows encoded or activated are identified through kinesiological questioning

High Level Entity Clearing – I am often heard to say that ‘Man is a multi-dimensional being in multi-dimensional world’ and that there are both visible and invisible areas to our lives. We can be plagued or weighed down by issues that we know and feel and yet may not be able to ‘see or touch’. Often these invisible ‘hitchhikers’ are referred to as ‘energetic attachments or entities’ they may be  described as ‘voices in the head’, referred to as demonic or alien or a grown up version of an imaginary ‘friend’.

High Order Energetic Clearance – identifies and removes the insidious effects of 5 different levels of Spells, 2 levels of Curses, Voodoo, Black Magic, Sacrifice, Rituals and Sacrifice, Thought Forms and Invocations, Implants,  Energetic Enslavement,  Shamanic effects and more.

Distance or Absent sessions are available for thse services. Absent sessions will include a written report


Distance or Absent Session
2 hours Cost USD $500
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