High Level Entity Clearing

Which image are you seeing?

High Level Entity Clearing – I am often heard to say that ‘Man is a multi-dimensional being in multi-dimensional world’ and that there are both visible and invisible areas to our lives. We can be plagued or weighed down by issues that we know and feel and yet may not be able to ‘see or touch’. Often these invisible ‘hitchhikers’ are referred to as ‘energetic attachments or entities’ they may be described as ‘voices in the head’, referred to as demonic or alien or a grown up version of an imaginary ‘friend’.

Too often these concerns or situations are pushed aside or misdiagnosed and while what is being experienced in the ‘now’ is very real it may well have been inherited or passed down an ancestral / family line and actually not ‘belong to you’

It has been a passion for many years of my life to assist people with these to me very familiar issues and feelings. I created a short video on this subject some years ago and it is available at https://thegalacticlightwarrior.com/services/ as a short video recording on High Level Entity Clearing

For those interested in the higher levels of life there is a downloadable PDF giveaway at www.thegalacticlightwarrior.com

Distance and Absent Sessions are available. Absent sessions include a written report.
2 Hours Cost USD $500

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Copyright by SheilaKennedy.com | All rights reserved.