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The Tranquil Brain sounds or to give it the original name of Program to Slow the Brain program is not a Sounds from Source program, created in 2013 it is one of many programs co-created with a learned colleague who introduced me to the concept of adding specific frequencies to the Tibetan Bell programs.

So why would you wish to ‘slow the brain’?

Much of my early work was centred around the areas of Anxiety and Depression as well as levels of Anger relating to the Amygdala sometimes referred to as the early ‘reptilian brain’.

Many people with levels of anxiety, depression and what can be termed ‘mental health disorders’ may find this short program of benefit in defusing ‘racing thoughts’

At 1 minutes and 45 seconds these are a very short set of sounds and as with all of the vibrational sounds they can be played on low to silent as they work with frequency and intention. This is more obvious with sounds which have had ‘frequencies’ added as the pitch and tone can be quite different.

This is one of the early ‘frequency’ programs created over an eighteen-month period of time as I explored the deeper and often unknown areas of time and space in connection to the individual aspects of the body.

Sound Length 1 minute and 45 seconds

The information from the Anger and Peace programs in 2007 and the later information in 2013/2014 which led to the now Tranquil Brain sounds also assisted in the creation of two ‘giveaway’ programs called The 7 Steps to Freedom and ‘Anxiety’ program addressing the 7 main types of anxieties and The 7 Steps to Freedom from Depression which deals with the ‘energetic levels’ of why people may suffer from depression.

The Anxiety and Depression giveaways are available at

The Tranquil Brain program has only been available previously as a practitioner recommendation by myself.

By adding these programs on the website at I can make them program available to a wider audience.




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