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High Order Spiritual Sounds –Frequency Adjustment

Sound no556 for the more Spiritually aware

The very specific words which are used to create the vibrational sound programs are gifted or downloaded to me and often in creating the sounds I have spent many hours ‘downloading’ this gifted information and eitherwriting or typing the words as they were given. Many of this newly released series of High Order Spiritual sounds have not been available to the public previously and in combining specific frequencies with the sounds there is an improved efficacy as well as being able to take the encoded information to deeper levels.

The original Frequency Adjustment sounds were a follow on from the Alignment sounds an early Sounds from Source creation that came about as Susan and I had specifically requested a sound to assist those people who were as we said on the Sounds from Source YouTube channel many years ago.

As time went on we became aware of the need for an additional ‘giveaway sound and we were presented with the Frequency Adjustment sounds.

2013 The self adjusting frequency in this sound program may assist you in adjusting to the higher levels of energy and energetic frequencies that currently abound. You will hear Tibetan bells imbued within energetic intention from Sounds from Source and Sheila Kennedy. Play these sounds to help ease jangled nerves and tensions and assist you with finding a level of calm, peace and serenity,

They are available at

A number of upgrades have happened since 2013, some now 11 years ago and the Frequency Adjustment sounds which are a part of the Spiritual programs for have an much greater energetic value than those created prior.

While the early sounds cover the areas of physical mental spiritual and emotional, later sounds encompass what we refer to as the 9 Aspects of Being following upgraded information which came through much later.

** Please Note- that these sounds may be played as required for the more spiritually awareand can be of great comfort in creating an ‘energetic alignment in these energetically turbulent times.

This High Order version of the Frequency Adjustment sounds on the website have not previously been available for purchase.

Frequency Adjustment Why Frequency Adjustment t? In many instances in working with the body of consciousness that I recognise as the Source of the Healing Sounds or Sounds from Source and updated version of an earlier sound will present or an additional sounds to use in conjunction with one another sometimes many years later and contain more in-depth information and levels of clarity.

The vibrational sound programthat followed the original Alignment sounds came some time later at no 556 and is called Frequency Adjustmentboth individually and together these powerful sounds create a specialised soul alignment and frequency adjustment which assists in balancing the energetic ‘bodies’ and in alleviating the often ‘fingernails on chalkboard’ sensation that unaccustomed ‘higher frequencies can have on jangled nerves.

The Frequency Adjustment sounds contain  powerfulintentions designed to facilitate your own personal alignment within yourself and as such will be ‘felt or experienced differently with each individual. They are of benefit to those with the ‘why am I feeling / experiencing this? what can I do to assist myself to balance and incorporate these energetic changes during this fluctuating ‘ascension’ process.

The YouTube version of the Frequency Adjustment sounds while beneficial to those wishing to access them will have to my understanding less of an effect with the smaller 10 percent of souls who are currently incarnate on earth for a higher purpose.

These sounds are not for everyone, your own spiritual evolvement will guide you if the High Order Spiritual Frequency Adjustment sounds available through the Spiritual programare meant for you.

Sound Length 3 minute and 04 seconds

​A good deal of thought went into the inclusion of these high level vibrational sound and frequency programs to the Spiritual Programs. By adding these programs on the website at I can make them available to a wider audience.


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