Professional Distance, CRSM Contamination, CRSM Cross Contamination




The Professional Program 4 Professional Distance, Contamination, Cross Contamination


Sounds no 973, 816, 817


The specific vibrational sounds in the Professional program 4came about through a series of issues some years ago that required me to create some new vibrational sound programs and I added these to the ‘higher level’ practitioner programs such as the High Order Energetic Clearance program of ‘HOEC’ through the Sounds from Source  website at

The three Practitioner ‘sound’ programs which make up ‘The Professional Program 4Pack’ include ProfessionalDistance, CRSM Contamination and CRSM Cross Contamination have not been previously released.


As a long termholistic practitioner and metaphysical teacher I have utilised a specific instruction for many years of asking a series of Silent or Prior Client Questions


  1. Will this client accept a correction Y / N


  1. If not whynot?


Ifnotwhy not? Is there an issue which needs to be addressed to allow this client known as …………………………… accept a correction for their optimal / optimum health, Y / N, Look at Client wanting / needing to hold onto  an issue OR whether there is an outside influence e.g. a sense of ‘ownership’ or control


  1. Will all of the energetic bodies of this client accept a correction Y / N


If not why not?


These programs have been recreated in this instance for the vibrational health programs asindividual vibrational soundswith a frequency overlay combining the Tibetan Tingshaw Bells, with energetic Frequencies for use in a holistic health setting.

By adding specific frequencies to the Tibetan Bells it is possible to create a deeper and more in-depth program.

These sounds for are available under the Holistic Practitioner programs; and a variety of the Sounds from Source programs are available on the website at:

Many of the original Sounds from Source programs are Practitioner use only and fit into different categories of learning.

So why these specific sounds?

Over a period of weeks I saw a series of clients with different issues and yet all with an overlying sense of outside issues affecting them.

One of these was a young girl who had taken by her mother a short time previously to learn a holistic healing modality that she felt might help her with some issues she had been experiencing.

As a Vibrational Kinesiologist I ask ‘questions’ using applied kinesiology or muscle testing and follow that through with my innate intuition as to the way my questioning needs to go.

In this instance the sound no 1002 Prof Ownership / Override was the one I was drawn to create to remove the levels of ownership of this client from the previous practitioner. This was not an easy decision to make as I am always aware of ‘not trespassing’

These powerful sounds made a huge difference in my young client.

Professional Ownership/ Override Sound 1002 1 minute and 54 seconds

The Professional Trespass and  Professional Jealousy programs came up at the same time with a middle aged client who has ‘practitioner shopped’ in his own words over many years ‘looking for the perfect modality that he could go on to learn himself.

When he rang me to ask about ‘what I did’ I arranged a ‘meeting’ rather than a client appointment / session as that was what I was guided to do, and spent some time listening to him sharing stories of his ‘practitioner shopping’.

When he pressed me for an appointment, I suggested a different modality that I offer under some circumstances and we arranged to meet a few days later.

On the morning of the appointment I felt ‘odd / unwell / unsettled’ and I was aware that it was ‘not mine’.

My client called to apologise as he was running late and described a number of issues that he felt were intended to cause him to ‘miss our appointment’ and that if I would still be available he was on his way.

Rather than using vibrational sound programs I had chosen to work with a ‘time line’  therapy and began a fairy long session of removing ‘layers’ of ownership, jealousy and what I refer to as trespass’.

When I finished that part of the session planning on following it up with some specific sounds my client shared his experience with me of the session describing it as watching a whole stream of people – previous practitioners ‘heading for the hills’ in his explanation, and that this mass exodus had began as soon as I had begun speaking. The fact that he could ‘identify’ individual practitioners some going back many years was an interesting fact for me and explained my earlier feelings of unease that I had recognised as not belonging to me.

I went on to create the Professional Trespass and Professional Jealousy vibrational sound programs.

Although these 3 sound programs are all quite short with

Professional Trespass no 1000 being 1 minute and 35 seconds, and

Professional Jealousy no 1001 being 1 minute and 34 seconds they are all powerful programs.

A good deal of thought went into the inclusion of these high level vibrational sound and frequency programs to non Sounds from Source practitioners. By adding these programs on the website at I can make them available to a wider audience.


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