Children’s Sleep Sounds Bells




Children’s Sleep Sounds  Bells

This new release of the Children’s Sleep sounds in two formats, the original Tibetan Bells and a second version combining the  Tibetan Bells with energetic frequencies and music is based on the 2005 program for children and is now a welcome addition into the Mother and Baby programs.

The Children’s Sleep Sounds were developed to release all and any thoughts, feelings, fears and emotions which may prevent this child or children from enjoying a calm and peaceful sleep.

By gently removing the tensions of the day, these calming sounds allow the child or children to enjoy the restorative sleep patterns their body requires and then to awaken feeling refreshed and rejuvenated by nature and ready to accept the positive and beneficial abundance of their new day.

These sounds are extremely beneficial for children who experience disturbed sleep patterns and or nightmares.

Sound Length 3minutes and 22 seconds

Using the Children’s Sleep Sounds

The Children’s Sleep sounds can be played before putting a child to bed / sleep or when they go to bed. Older children will often ask to have the sounds played before or when they are going to bed.

The original Children’s Sleep Sounds were developed to assist a young client who’s children were having nightmares every night and waking continually throughout the night.The Children’s Sleep Sounds release the pent up stresses and emotions from the day and allow the child/ children to have a more settled nights sleep.

They are very beneficial for the children who are ‘aware’ or who see, things which adults may not be familiar with and were a forerunner to the much later Sensitive Child series of programs which are of benefit to many of the ‘new’ children often described as Indigo, Rainbow, Crystal and Star children.

Comment from Susan – I have a daughter who was having trouble sleeping at night and was having nightmares. This sound definitely assisted her with sleeping more soundly (excuse the pun). I also have a client whose child kept waking during the night and coming into her bedroom. Playing this sound lessened the nightly visits dramatically.



Information on the Sensitive Child Sensitive Adult Packs

The Sensitive Child and Sensitive Adult programs which are of benefitto many of the early ‘new’ children often described as Indigo and the later  Rainbow, Crystal and Star children who may struggle in the harsh environment of Earth contain 7 unique vibrational sound programs.

There are 7 sounds in this series as often  sensitive children or adults who may be described as fitting into the Indigo, Rainbow, Crystal, Star and Blue Ray categories which have been talked about for a number of years. Whilst the Sensitive Child sounds are not intended to identify or relate to a specific soul group these gentle yet powerful sound programs have proved to be of benefit to many.

The 7 sounds in the Sensitive Child series comprise of:

654 Start the Day Sensitive Child. Beginning your child’s day with a positive outlook for the most positive day.

655 Tall Poppy. Often Sensitive  Children do not ‘fit in’ or are subjected to in some instances ‘bullying’ both in family and school situations for being different, I refer to this as the Tall Poppy scenario where what people do not understand they often fear and what they fear that may ‘attack’.

656 Grounding. Is your child often described as ‘off in the clouds or away with the fairies’ a good deal of the time? Or have feelings of being ‘ungrounded’ The Grounding sounds may assist them to be more ‘present’ or have a deeper connection to the earth,

657 Sensitivity. The original ‘Sensitivity’ sounds were created around 2006 specifically for those people who described a ‘heavy feeling’ that they had when they came home from built up areas; especially shopping centre’s or from children being in school,  being around other children, the energies that you or your child pick up from such areas or groups of people may be affecting you more than you may realize. The original Sensitivity sound is still one of the most powerful sounds that I have created at No 85 in the Directory of Sounds at and it is this sound that was originally adapted for the Sensitivity Special Children sound.

658 Protection. Creating a protective barrier against energetic attachments. Energetic attachments can create uncomfortable feelings in sensitive people, and negative energies can be drawn like a moth to a flame. The Protection sounds are very useful here.

659 Sleep. Sleep can be a trying time for many Sensitive children. The issues of ‘getting to sleep’ or having a restful sleep. Played just before or at bedtime the Sensitive child sleep sounds can be very beneficial. Many special or sensitive children may ‘invite or attract in’ other energies especially of a night. That cry for help and the ‘monster in the room’ in a child may be very real, and for the sensitive adult disturbed sleep patterns and vivid dreams can be related to the ‘astral’ state.

660 Acknowledgement. Allowing and assisting your child to acknowledge that they may be different or more sensitive than others around them, and that is OK, and that you have the tools to assist them on their life journey.

The ’bells’ can be on very low to silent in the background if desired.

By adding the Sensitive Child Programs to the Health and Wellness Programs on the website at I have been able to  make this program available to a wider audience.


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