The Awareness and Honouring Your Intuition Sounds




The Awareness and Honouring Your Intuition Sounds

The Awareness sounds

The Awareness sounds for are a powerful set of vibrational sounds that work with the cell structure of your body. At 17 minutes long it is one of the longest sound programs I have ever created.
So why Awareness?
I have said to my holistic health students for many years ‘BE AWARE’ and yes in capital letters and often Underlined as well. Self Awareness is I believe one of the most important tools that we can ever have and one which stands us in good stead in many areas of our lives.
The Awareness sounds can be played once for yourself or a part of a client session, they can be on very low or silent as they work on vibration and intention so you do not need to sit and listen to them which makes them a good option to include with other practices.
They can be used again if you feel that you need to sharpen your awareness at any time in your life so a good standby for the future also.

Wikepedia tells us that:
Awareness is the state of being conscious of something. More specifically, is the ability to directly know and perceive, to feel, or to be cognizant of events. Another definition describes it as a state wherein a subject is aware of some information when that information is directly available to bring to bear in the direction of a wide range of behavioral actions.The concept is often synonymous to consciousness and is also understood as being consciousness itself.
The states of awareness are also associated with the states of experience so that the structure represented in awareness is mirrored in the structure of experience.

The Sounds from Source Awareness sounds at no 158 deal with all levels of our awareness; physical mental spiritual and emotional as well as the other levels of senses and energetic fields we may not even recognise and senses we may have forgotten that we have.

At 17minutes and 22 seconds the creation of the Awareness sounds made it one of the longest of the Sounds from Source sounds. As with many other sounds, this sound was not planned or even thought about, and it came as quite a surprise when it presented itself along a some other sounds over the period of just a few days to Susan and I as we were working on the Energetic Balance and Harmony course in 2008.

An incredibly powerful and far reaching sound Awareness allows for clearing and balancing the deep levels of balance and harmony on all levels of being.

Comment from Susan – This sound is excellent if you have a situation that seems immovable. It assists with bringing to your awareness whatever factors are in play or need to be in play or should not be in play. Plus it helps optimise and balance a situation for the best.

The comment below is something I wrote many years ago back in 2009 and is I believe still worth ‘sharing’ now.

Awareness and Intention.

I am often heard to use the words ‘Be Aware’ when talking to students and at times colleagues, as what we see on a regular basis or expect to be a particular way may well not be so, or as we had anticipated.

When asking students to research or to obtain knowledge and information especially from internet sites I also suggest that along with ‘awareness’ that they engage in some form of protection before they open such sites as may come to their attention.

Why? Unfortunately not every website or web page that we may open has been created with the highest of levels of intention or care. Many in fact leave a great deal to be desired in as far as the levels of negative influences and attachments that they may contain.

Despite my own awareness of such matters I found myself with a headache within minutes of opening a ‘spiritual’ site on the web yesterday, and I am not generally prone to headaches at all.

So how did this web site affect me?

We are in many instances in this day and age used to the copywriting techniques that ‘persuade or instruct’ one to buy, purchase, join, or never see the page / offer again should we click away from the site. In many instances hypnotic suggestion may be used, or an appeal aimed to counteract what may be termed your better judgement.

The more I believe subversive levels are those which attempt to elicit an agreement from the reader of a belief in what is said, or a statement that the person communicating with you knows what is best for you. Susan and I pay particular attention that we do not on the sites we have created allow any thing untoward to be presented, nor to lead the reader into any agreement which may be made without the full understanding of the person.

My headache – took some hours to be gone, I am not a reach for a pill person, and I allowed it to run its course naturally, however with an awareness of the fact that ‘something’ on that particular site had affected me.

Allowing that everything has an energy vibration I identified the specific statement which had led to me ‘headache’ and I will not be visiting that site again.

I did however choose to write about my experience and to suggest that you ‘Be Aware’, and if you are uncertain of the ‘Intention’ behind or beneath something – listen to your own inner guidance, leave the area, then disconnect yourself from its effects.

One of the sounds that Susan and I offer on the Sounds from Source YouTube channel is most beneficial in ‘clearing’ the energies from the areas we may have visited or explored online.

Called E.M.P. for Electronic Media Protection this powerful sound is a great finish to the end of your day.

The Awareness sounds have not been released for sale previously and we have said for many years – A very powerful set of sounds and recommended for practitioner use only. Available only from a SFS session by an endorsed practitioner or by doing a suitable SFS Course.

Honouring and Trusting your Intuition
The Honouring and Trusting your Intuition program is a short 4 minute meditation that instructs your body to release and let go of anything that may be holding you back from trusting yourself and honouring and trusting YOUR intuition. We may often be criticised for listening or paying attention to our ‘inner knowing’ or as some would term it our ‘sixth sense’. It fits very well with the Awareness 1 sound program and can be played before or after playing the Awareness sounds or individually.

Many of the original Sounds from Source programs are Practitioner use only and fit into different categories of learning.

By adding these programs on the website at I can make them program available to a wider audience.




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