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The Flexibility and Mental Flexibility Information Sheet. Sounds 69 and 705

The Flexibility and Mental Flexibility programs have not been packaged together previously and the mental flexibility sounds have only been released through a Sounds from Source membership program before now.

The concepts for the Flexibility sounds were originally introduced to me when I studied Vibrational Kinesiology with Cameron Dawson (The Dawson Program) in 2003 as an amazing way to release locks and blockages from the body.

Since Cameron’s passing in 2004 and my beginning to create my own vibrational sound programs I have developed this concept much further and created my own set of sounds.

Flexibility is probably my favourite set of sounds. I have often described these sounds to my young clients as ‘the run faster’ sounds, and amaze both child and parent alike with the increased range of movement which they allow the body.

They have also been the basis for The Best Workout for you sounds and website at www.thebestworkoutforyou.com and the accompanying The Athletes Sports Bag Membership program.

They are designed release all of the locks and blockages in the physical body allowing a greater range of movement and “flexibility”.

Sound Length 1 minute and 45 seconds

Having learnt the original concept which became my Flexibility sounds from Cameron Dawson who achieved his process by much banging of cymbals and literally frightening the life out of the recipient who was standing with their eyes closed, not to mention me as his assistant, who even though I was expecting it, would literally jump out of my skin when he crashed those large cymbals.

The Flexibility sounds are gentle and non invasive and the range of movement is I believe equal to if not better than the original.

Comment from Susan When we developed the original Sounds from Source YouTube channel in 2005-2006 Susan said – This is the one sound that I really wanted to be given away free and of course we do just that, by providing it on our Sounds from Source – you tube channel.

If ever you required definite proof that sound can cause an effect on you, then this is it. In just 1.45 minutes it can improve the flexibility of your body using sound and intention.

Enough said. Also, this is one of the few sounds that is not affected by copying. 99% of all the others lose intensity by copying – which is why we formed the membership site, so that the public could have access to ‘gentler’ versions of some of the practitioner sounds.

​Sheila and I asked permission that this sound be freely available to everyone.

The Flexibility sounds are still available on YouTube for those wishing to access them.

Mental Flexibility

​The term Mental Flexibility was one that Susan and I tossed around some time ago. One of my favourite sounds has always been the ‘Flexibility’ program with its ability to remove the ‘locks and blockages from the body easily and effortlessly and it was in talking about this early program No. 69 that we decided to explore a sound for mental flexibility which became sound no 705.

Sound Length 1 minute and 56 seconds.

As we have said many times before, we do not create sounds ‘just because we can’. A great deal of thought and research goes into the ‘foundations’ of a sound often long before it is created. It may in fact be on the ‘drawing board’ for a long time as a name or an idea before it comes to fruition.

The origins of Mental Flexibility owe a great deal to the Flexibility sound No 69 which I have often described to children as ‘the run faster’ sound. Simply because in removing the locks and blockages in the body one is able to move more freely.

When Susan and I looked at some of the Sounds from Source sounds dealing with clarity, focus and intention we were aware that many of them were in the early parts or beginnings of the Sounds from Source programs and that of course we had a much deeper knowledge and understanding now.
The Mental Flexibility sound is a powerful addition to the Sounds from Source repository of sounds and one for which I am extremely grateful as I believe that it will be of benefit to many.

*** An override here which is of some importance;

Many people who struggle with mental clarity and lack of focus do so due to low brain integration or the lack of ‘message carriers’ from the right and left hemispheres of the brain which should develop around 7 months after birth.

The Mental Flexibility sound ‘Will Not’ solve this issue.

An appointment with a suitably qualified Sounds From Source practitioner to resolve this issue and supply the relevant sounds to encourage the growth of these ‘message carriers’ is required.

Comment from Susan – very useful sound.  How many times do you need to think or look at something differently or with fresh eyes then ‘bing’ everything seems to slip seamlessly into place.  This sound helps with that – it seems to be able to zip around your road blocks and allow you to piece together different pieces of the jig saw thus enabling new puzzles to gain clarity and present new pictures. Very good when ‘brain storming’ with yourself or as a group.

The Mental Flexibility sound fit very well with other sounds such as Focus Activation and Movement, Communication Adult, Communication Child, Energetically Accepting Confidence and Self Assurance, Movement, Study, Learning, and the Brain and Memory sounds.

Again these sounds are ideal for client at home use, or in a clinical practice setting.

Many of the original Sounds from Source programs are Practitioner use only and fit into different categories of learning.

By adding these programs on the Sheila-Kennedy.com website at www.sheila-kennedy.com I can make them program available to a wider audience.




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Copyright by SheilaKennedy.com | All rights reserved.