Elevated Energy Levels and Energy Transformer




The Elevated Energy Levels and Energy Transformer Sounds

The Elevated Energy sounds fit well with the Energy Transformer sound programs. I have utilized this program with athletes and sports people for the Best Workout for You programs saying: ‘Needing an energy lift or boost both before training / competing and to ‘lift’ tiredness between bouts of training or competing’ as an explanation. www.thebestworkoutforyou.com as well as at www.yourenergeticbusiness.com as a recommendation for Speakers or Presenters saying ‘the Elevated Energy Levels program assists you to lift your energy levels between session and to have a more balanced energy at the end of the day’.

They are also of use in ‘balancing’ of your energies to allow for less stress and pressure in a ‘performance’ mode as a therapist or practitioner and to be able to activate additional energy resources as required by the body.

The combination of the Elevated Energy Levels and Energy Transformer sounds are extremely beneficial when an abundance of energies may be required both physically and mentally benefit on a daily basis as well as during client, workshop or presentation situations.

At 3 minutes and 27 seconds long they are a powerful short sound that activates the natural energy levels of the body for a sustained increase in energy levels rather than a ‘chemical’ boost as so many people reach for ‘energy drinks’ and the like when their energies are depleted.

The Elevated energy levels sounds fit very well with the Energy Transformer sound although they are quite different in the instructions they carry to the cells of the body,

The Energy Transformer Sound is Number 619 of the Sounds from Source programs. Susan and I discussed one day and it was created the next. Originally as a useful and powerful Practitioner tool for those working with high level energies.
It allows the Practitioner to ‘adjust’ the levels of energies that they are working with to be more conducive for themselves and their clients.

A short sound that may be extremely beneficial in your practitioner toolbox with a myriad of uses was how I described it originally.

Susan and I have many interesting discussions often very late of a night from our individual abodes in far flung states. Recently in conversation Susan mentioned a ‘device’ that her father had insisted on the family using when working outside with anything electrical.

We eventually narrowed it down to being a transformer’, the closest I could get to it was a ‘surge protector’, and Susan went looking for a better description.

We decided to create an Energy Transformer sound for Practitioner usage as we could see a real advantage in practitioners being able to ‘adjust’ the frequencies of energy to something they or their clients could accommodate easily, and we were well pleased with this sound.

Later I revamped the Energy Transformer sound for the: www.thebestworkoutforyou.com program as a powerful sound for athletes and sports people to ‘adjust’ their energy levels when training or competing and again it has been used with great success.

A great sound to play on a busy day as well as in speaking or presenting situations or needing an energy lift or boost

The Energy Transformer sounds at 1 minute 27 seconds long

Again these sounds are ideal for client at home use, or in a clinical practice setting.

Many of the original Sounds from Source programs are Practitioner use only and fit into different categories of learning.

By adding these programs on the Sheila-Kennedy.com website at www.sheila-kennedy.com I can make them program available to a wider audience.




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