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Chakra Activation Sound Number 143

The Chakra Activation sound program is an early Sounds from Source program created in 2007 / 2008. These vibrational sounds the earliest of a series including Chakra Rejuvenation and Chakra Alignment work on different levels to repair and rejuvenate all of the known chakra’s or energy entry points of the body on all of the dimensional levels.
The Chakra Activation sounds are a unique set of sounds as it have far reaching abilities to repair and rejuvenate one of the main energy systems of the body.

The Chakra Activation sounds are designed to activate to their maximum potential all of the known and unknown energetic levels of the body including but not restricted to the Chakra system the Meridian system the Auric filed system as well as the Nadi’s and the electric grid connectors of the body.

Often as Susan and I brainstorm sounds we are given information which we had not known before or which required us to look at the ‘big picture’ rather than just the now.

This was one such set of sounds, and we feel ourselves very blessed to have been given the ability to ‘make a difference’ on a wider scope.

The Chakra Activation sounds have been  a part of the Sounds from Source Energetic Balance and Harmony program from 2008.

Comment from Susan – One comment here, the Nadi’s are like an energetic electrical grid system throughout the body and can ‘short circuit’.

When my daughter was born – I also had glandular fever and was quite sick for a long period of time. After this time I noticed that my capacity to concentrate, my memory and my ability to read for any prolonged time was greatly diminished.

I learnt how to scan information, which was the only way I could cope with learning anything. I was told later by a healer that my ‘Nadi’s’ had short circuited in places because of the illness – the consequence being my diminished ability to concentrate and read.

Once these short circuits was repaired energetically, I could again, read for long periods of time – I actually cried – reading had always been such a pleasure for me and to have been deprived of that pleasure for so long and then to have it restored was very intense.

So when Sheila channelled this sound, it was a very personal thrill for me to see that Nadi repair and optimisation had been built into this protocol.

Sound Length 7minutes and 21 seconds

A deep discussion some years ago with Susan on the exact number of chakras  in the body led to a good many changes in the way I work, and especially to some of the sounds which have been created since.

I went on to express an opinion and a belief to a colleague in 2008  that the work I was doing four years ago in  2004, had  now to me  become redundant, outdated, and obsolete and that the new levels of knowledge with which I work had also expanded rapidly and were quickly leaving the earlier work behind also, or in need of updating.

2008 and an in-depth discussion with my then husband who was also a Kinesiologist and held different views gave us both new insights into the literally ‘hundreds’ of chakras in the body including entry and exit points and more.

​Where I asked then will all of this knowledge take us? And I said at the time ‘that I have no idea’. I am aware of the continual subtle and not so subtle changes however which have magnified and expanded over the many years since to currently 2022.

The Chakra Activation sounds have not been released as an individual program before. They have been in included in the Krystal Energy Healing program which will be offered in the future as an ‘online learning program’.

These are a very powerful set of sounds and previously recommended for practitioner use only, they fit into different categories of learning.


By adding these programs on the website at I can make them program available to a wider audience.




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