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Anger and Peace Bells and Waves

The origins of the Anger and Peace bells go back to 2007 and a website called Absolute Health and Wellness which hosted a series of vibrational sound programs including Absolute Autism, The Road to Wellness Once a month Energetic Detox program  and The Anger and Peace program and these were a combination of the work of my now deceased ex husband and I.

The Anger and Peace program was and still is an incredibly powerful program that has been included in the Sounds from Source practitioner programs over the years and has also been recreated into a short Anger and Peace version some years ago.

The long version of the Anger and Peace program explained that Anger is the feeling or emotion that you experience when you feel inadequate, or frustrated, this can be a combination of physically, emotionally or mentally, or in situations when you feel that someone is in your face, or in some sort of threatening or overwhelming situation.

Anger can become a problem when you are unable to release it effectively, and over time, you can even lose the ability to handle anger at all. In fact, the slightest event can trigger your anger response.

As Alternative therapists we have treated many people with anger and frustration issues, and in the majority of these clients the main cause of their anger has been to do with a small part of the brain called the ‘Amygdala’ pronounced ‘a·myg·da·la’

The dictionary describes the Amygdala as ‘This small almond-shaped mass of gray matter in the front part of the temporal lobe of the cerebrum that is part of the limbic system and is involved in the processing and expression of emotions, especially anger and fear’

Great explanation, however, it doesn’t help you to deal with the situation when it is controlling your life.

In deciding to share the processes that we had used with our clients to allow them to take control of their lives with a wider audience, and we created ‘The Anger and Peace program’

The Anger program this is a process that Trevor had used very successfully for many years to raise the energy in the amygdala. A simple yet powerful process which raised the levels of energy in the Amygdala– the anger processing center within the brain. When the levels of energy in the Amygdala l drop too lowpeople  will maintain an angry mood. If the energy levels in the Amygdala get to their lowest point people can become violent over the slightest trigger!

One of our clients used the Anger and Peace MP3 and reported back, ‘that you have turned my life around 180 degrees!’

Harbouring anger prevents you from experiencing peacefulness –they simply do not go hand in hand. When anger is released you can finally feel relaxed and calm, and in control of yourself and experience feelings of peace.

When I createdthe original Peace program for Sounds from Source using the Tibetan bells which are the trademark of so many of my sound therapy programs, I gave it a great deal of thought as not everyone in the world desires peace in their lives.Eventually I decided to honour the requests from many people who had asked for ‘Peace Sounds’

The Peace program assists in creating a relaxed atmosphere at home or at work, or  a sense of calm and peacefulness for yourself and your family.

It also helps to create Peace on the Planet as the resonant sounds of the Tibetan bells carry the gentle sounds out into the universe.

The Long Anger and Peace sounds have been created in two formats, with the Tibetan Tingshaw bells and the bells with a ‘waves’ overlay.

At 12 minutes and 19 seconds long the sound releases anger and replaces it with peace.

The short Anger and Peace sound was created for the Sounds from Source programs at sound no 662 and are a valuable practitioner tool to add to your practitioner ‘toolbox’. At 2 minutes and 46 seconds it is a quick and simple client adjustment that can have lasting effects.

The Peace sounds are available at the Sounds from Source Youtube channel at

Although this combination of sounds has never been released for sale before, some of the Sounds from Source programs are available on the website at:

Many of the original Sounds from Source programs are Practitioner use only and fit into different categories of learning.

By adding these programs on the website at I can make them program available to a wider audience.


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