Working with Crystals

Working with Crystals

There is an enormous amount of information available on how to choose, use and care for Nature’s bounty in the form of crystals.

Articles on cleansing crystals abound and many are intricate and involved or recommend ‘buying’ fancy bottles of ‘Crystal Cleansers’ that are in many instances ‘salt water’. Others suggest burying your crystals in the earth on the night of a full moon, or in some instances leaving them out in the sunlight to ‘recharge’ or ‘sage’ing them to remove negative energies.

As someone who has worked with crytals for many years I personally prefer simple methods that are tried and true and I have over the years shared some simple versions with clients and friends alike, and more recently created a series of vibrational sounds to have a ‘triple effect’. These three powerful Vibrational sounds are intended to;

  • Clear or cleanse a crystal or crystals,
  • To energetically ‘program’ a crystal with the highest intention for it to be of benefit

to you,

  • To use a specific cleansed and programmed crystal with the intention ofaccessing more information and ‘sight via the 3rd eye or brow

In creating the 3 vibrational sound programs that encompass this Working with Crystals and Vibrational sound program I have used my ‘intention’ as a holistic practitioner and vibrational sound therapist in creating these programs and you will add your own intention when using them.

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