The Children’s Learning Program

The Children’s Learning Program

The Children’s Learning Program had its origins in 2005 and since that time has assisted many children to learn more easily,.


The updated  Children’s Learing Program is comprised of  4 individual MP3 programs


The fisrts MP3 is for Parents/ Teachers or Aides and explains that the words we use when we speak to a child can have a profound effect on the child’s ability to learn.


The second MP3  is a gentle guided relaxation and is suitable for either the individual child, or group of children. Based on the story of a clown it gently guides the child or children through relaxation techniques and learing processes


The purpose of this relaxation exercise is to assist the child to be more motivated, to increase their ability to concentrate and to expand their memory skills. Most importantly however it is to help children to believe in themselves.


The third MP3 is a vibrational sound program that is played at the beginning of the day to assist children to have the best possible day.


The fourth MP3 is a vibrational sound program that can be played during times of learning or ‘home work’ and assists in the childs ‘learning processes’.



The Children’s relaxation MP3 provides children with opportunities of positive encouraging visualisations that give them the practice they need to believe that they can concentrate better, and that they can remember the things that they see and hear.


Sheila Kennedy is a Natural Therapist who is renowned for her work with children with specific learning difficulties, including Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, and Autism, her gentle soothing voice combines perfectly with Frank Endries beautiful music to create the perfect relaxation for your child.


The story of a clown, this relaxation program is recommended for children aged 4 to 10 years.


Words by Sheila Kennedy.


Music composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Frank Endries.


4 Downloadable MP3 programs

Cost USD $60 

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Copyright by | All rights reserved.