Improve Your Hearing

Improve Your Hearing

The Improve Your Hearing program is based on many years of working with clients who asked about ‘hearing issues on many levels as well as for myself as I originally had a ‘hearing aid’..


A simple once a day sound program combining tibetan bells and energetic frequencies to assist with aligning the individual phy6sical components of the ‘ear’  and to address  issues and  memories which may have been stored in the cellular memory of the body and which may be preventing this person from hearing clearly.

This includes all and any misconceptions to do with hearing, including the person not wanting to hear something which may have been said or what the person thought that they may have heard, and all and also addresses both and physical and emotional blockages which may have had a negative effect on the hearing ability of this person.


Downloadable MP3 program


Cost USD $15


ikram fareed

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Copyright by | All rights reserved.