The Road to Wellness Energetic Detox Program

The Road to Wellness Energetic Detox Program

The Road to Wellness is a unique  energetic body cleanse program  based on the sound of vibrational sound of Tibetan bells that is far more effective than the products that you buy in drug stores or health food stores.


The Road to Wellness program which was created in 2008 is not another drug detox! This program is designed to cleanse and detox all of the areas of your body, making it the most complete body cleanse and detox program available anywhere:

Did you know that at any moment in your life you are either,

Moving towards disease or moving towards wellness.

Which way will you choose to move?

The only person who can make the decision to have health and wellness is you.

Are you ready to move towards complete health and wellness – as soon as 5 minutes from now?


This unique program cleanses and detoxes your whole system, easily and effortlessly. Over a 28 Day period which it is recommended to paay it ONCE A MONTH ONLY!

Every aspect of your body is detoxed and with minimal side effects (if any!)This program allows you to detox your body naturally, removing known and unknown toxins, free radicals and most modern day pollutants including recreational drugs and heavy metals. It is completely safe for all ages; from newborn infants to the elderly.

You and your family can experience wellness and health like you’ve never experienced it before, and all while you maintain your normal lifestyle and routines. The Road to Wellness program does not involve fasting or the need to go into “hibernation” like some detox in a box programs.

A Unique program Created by Wellness Experts

Trevor Robinson and Sheila Kennedy (Robinson)


Downloadable MP3 + Book

USD $20

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