Improve Your Eyesight

Improve Your Eyesight

The Improve Your Eyesight program was  developed to release all and any blockages to the person seeing clearly.

By aligning the individual components of the ‘eye’ and releasing  memories from the Genetic Ancestral line to do with sight and or not wanting and or being willing to see clearly, and the   memories of habits and patterns which may prevent you from having optimal eyesight. The creation of the original program on which this sound is based was my own need of  glasses all day every day since I was 12, and now some 56 years later I only use them occasionally driving or sun glare.

In  2011 I went to the optometrist for new glasses for driving. I commented to this lady that I felt my eyesight had improved over the years and it was for that reason that I was replacing my now ten year old glasses. The pleasant lady informed me that at ‘my age’ (61) it was probably cataracts and ‘of course my eyes would not have improved’.

The same lady tendered an apology shortly afterwards and informed me that my ‘prescription’ had actually halved by 50%! . A short three months later and my GP sent me to get the pressure in my eyes checked following a ‘blackout’, caused I believe by the way I was sitting at the computer. The same optometrist checked my eyes and informed me that my prescription had actually halved again! There wasn’t any rush to change my lenses she assured me, however if they had improved any more over the next six months then I should have new lenses fitted.

Out of curiosity she asked me what I had been doing t make such improvements in my sight. I told her briefly about the sound program I had been using  and offered to give her a copy of the sound to test it for herself.

Her Comment? Thank you but NO, I am too busy to have the time to play it. I am still smiling to myself,


A simple once a day sound program combining tibetan bells and energetic frequencies.


Downloadable MP3 program

Cost USD $15

ikram fareed

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