Beware of Clients with Strings

November 20, 2022by Sheila Kennedy

Beware of Clients with Strings

Beware of Greeks’ bearing gifts is an allusion to the story of the wooden horse of Troy, used by the Greeks to trick their way into the city. In this instance it can also be translated into ‘Beware of Clients with Strings’ OR Who else has your client seen?

An odd conversation perhaps, and yet one very close to home for me recently when I worked with a client in my own holistic practice.

I am well aware that I am often the last resort for people who have been every where or tried everything looking for answers, or for those searching for a modality that ‘fits’ the criteria they are looking for.

My client a charming and intelligent man who I had met quite recently had booked in another  appointment to address a specific issue in his life, we had discussed it on the phone when making the appointment and he was keen to explore the ramifications of the areas that he felt were holding him back.

About 30 minutes before he was due to arrive for his appointment I began to feel ‘odd’! Some what nervous,  disturbed and actually very unwell. As both an empath and a sensitive I often pick up on the thoughts and feelings of others and yet I can generally release them and let them go quite easily once I have identified that they are not mine.

When I explored what I was feeling, it became very obvious that I was picking up the thoughts and feelings of another practitioner. I did not know them or even recognize their energy imprint, however they were having quite a profound effect on me at the time.

Rather than discreate the feelings as I normally would do, I decided to wait until my client arrived and to look at the situation from a deeper level.

He was a little late arriving and having apologized for his tardiness explained that his morning had been fraught with delays and inconveniences, and that he had at one stage wondered if he would actually make it to our appointment.

As I said previously, ‘I am well aware that I am often the last resort for people who have been everywhere or tried everything looking for answers, or for those searching for a modality that ‘fits’ the criteria they are looking for, often in this search they will have been to a number of practitioners and often in a short space of time.

I have been heard to say that ‘everything we touch leaves an energy imprint’, and that energy imprint can remain long after th person who has left it has moved on, the same issue was profoundly demonstrated to me in this instance.

I will say ‘a practitioner’ my client had seen obviously had a proprietary interest in her clients:

The definition of Proprietary  according to the Merriam Webster Dictionaryt ( is

‘One that possesses, owns, or holds exclusive right to something; specifically :’

So when we have a practitioner who ‘believes’ that a client is ’their property’ and in this instance from an obviously deep perspective then seriously we have a problem.

One of the more recent  Sounds from Source vibrational sound programs called Gifts with Strings was the foundation of a series of sounds that I will be adding to in an attempt to address these situations.

I am going to share the information on Gifts with Strings from the Sounds from Source Directory of Sounds with you here as I feel it is of huge importance in having a clear understanding of what I am saying.

Gifts with Strings

Sound Number 787

Another Sounds from Source sound with an ‘odd’ name perhaps. ‘Gifts with strings’ addresses the unseen or often unidentified additions to the things that we are ‘given or gifted’. There may be an expectation attached to the gift of a service or response in return, or even a negative thought feeling or emotion connected with the gift or service.

The Gifts with Strings sounds were created to deal with such issues.

Sound Length: 2.12 mins

How this sound came about

For many years working as a psychic medium I was consulted by clients form a variety of ethnic backgrounds, and often I would be asked if there was a spell, a curse, the evil eye and similar by my clients as they felt that something wasn’t quite right or that they were aware of specific issues since the visit of X,Y or Z and so on.

It was many of these questions that led to the creation of the High Order Energetic Clearance or “HOEC” program over the years which deals with issues such as Spells, Curses, Voodoo Black Magic, Enslavement and more.

A New Year 2015 conversation with a colleague and a further conversation with Susan brought up the need for a specific sound to deal with these unwelcome and often unrecognized ‘attachments’.

Comment from Susan – This sound works very much in tandem with 786. Piggy Back Removal. Many years ago I did, what I considered to be a wonderful ‘spiritual course’ – and to all intents and purposes – it was wonderful.  However, while the teacher of the course was lovely and the knowledge and procedures which I learned were nice.  There were many strings and piggy backs attached to practically everything I engaged in during the course.  Did I know that at the time?  No!  My awareness was not great enough to notice such things and unfortunately neither was the teachers.

Please be mindful from whom you learn your information, while the intent for good is always high, often the actual knowledge required to ensure that the knowledge is unencumbered by ‘add ons’ is just not sufficient. 

If you are a metaphysical teacher or practitioner then it behoves you to ensure your knowledge is broad enough and deep enough to ensure the safety of yourself,  your clients and your students. 

It’s not often I have a rant like this, but the number of clean up jobs that Sheila and myself are witnessing at the moment due to this lack is just nuts.

Not For Sale. A very powerful set of sounds and recommended for practitioner use only. Available only from a SFS session by an endorsed practitioner or by doing a suitable SFS Course.

For a trained The Sounds from Source practitioner near you please refer to the Practitioner listing

Combinations of use with other sounds

Practitioner Intention Statements, Freedom, Unworthiness, Deserving, Self Acceptance, Trust and Faith, Abandonment, Abuse, Enslavement, Enforced Programming, Spells 1, Spells 2, Spells 3, Spells Aggregate, Voodoo, Black Magic, Curses, Ancestral Curses

The Directory of Sounds on the Sounds from Source . com website contains an amazing amount of knowledge and information, it truly is a profoundly beneficial resource for both Sounds from Source practitioners and those with an inquiring mind wanting a deeper understanding of life from a metaphysical and spiritual perspective.


I said this earlier and now I am going to say it again. ‘So when we have a practitioner who ‘believes’ that a client is ’their property’ and in this instance from an obviously deep perspective then seriously we have a problem’

If the intention of that ‘practitioner’ is based on a level of ‘ownership’ i.e. ‘this is MY client! and may well have been as in this instance a  ‘once off’  client.

When that ‘owned’ client decides to go on and  ‘see or consult with’ another practitioner,  the attached ‘strings’ for want of a better word are powerful enough to have a negative effect on the new practitioner.

Scary stuff indeed.

This was followed in the same week by a ‘cleanup’ for another client where some energetic ‘doorways’ had been left open and the effects of those were having a profound effect on the client, and in going in to ‘investigate’ what had been left undone I was told to ‘Back Off’ in no uncertain terms.

Although I have based this post mainly from a practitioner perspective, it is also I believe of importance to anyone who is  or has been a client or student at any time in their lives, and yes I am serious about the ‘any time’ here as well.

Susan and I have discussed some new Sounds from Source sounds to address these issues and they are currently on the drawing board.

I will address Courses with Strings in an additional post.

Peace Love and Light



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by Sheila Kennedy

A Spiritual and Metaphysical Practitioner and Teacher With a lifetime connection to the higher spiritual realms Sheila Kennedy has devoted much of her adult life to ‘working with energies’ A connection with the body of consciousness she recognizes as Sounds from Source in 2004 led to the co-creation of the family of Sounds from Source programs. ‘ The sounds facilitate the release of cellular memory and assist in restoring the body to health and harmony. In more recent times they evolved to support the healing of Mother Earth and broader expanses, and especially those related to planetary and universal healing. Well known as a Metaphysician, author and poet Sheila grew up in East Africa and the Australian outback. Sheila’s work, like her background, is an eclectic and innovative blend of indigenous and contemporary healing modalities.

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