The Sensitive Child Sound Programs with Bells




The Sensitive Child Sound Programs with Bells

The Sensitive Child Sound programs have their origins in a series of unique Sounds from Source sounds that were created for Special or Sensitive Children. These sensitive youngsters who may not ‘be a good fit’ into daily life; basically, they may struggle to cope with the world we live in on a daily basis or experience situations of emotional overwhelm. Previously only available as a practitioner recommendation it has been decided to make them more readily available in 2020.

Created with Tibetan Tingsha Bells the Sensitive Child Sound Programs are now also available in the original format and with a music overlay. The music overlay adds a calm peaceful layer to the Tibetan bells.

There are 7 sounds in this series No’s 654 to 660. Often sensitive children or adults may be described as fitting into the Indigo, Rainbow, Crystal, Star and Blue Ray categories which have been talked about for a number of years and have been the basis of many marketing campaigns and speculations. My thoughts on this vary as to the time frames accredited to for example the ‘Indigo children and adults of being present on ‘earth’ since 1975 whereas I believe that these sensitive energetic souls have been with us for a much longer period,

Whilst the Child sounds are not intended to identify or relate to a specific soul group these gentle yet powerful sound programs have proved to be of benefit to many.

The 7 sounds in the Sensitive Child series comprise of:

654 Start the Day Sensitive Child. Beginning your child’s day with a positive outlook for the most positive day.

655 Tall Poppy. Often Sensitive  Children do not ‘fit in’ or are subjected to in some instances ‘bullying’ both in family and school situations for being different, I refer to this as the Tall Poppy scenario where what people do not understand they often fear and what they fear that may ‘attack’.

656 Grounding. Is your child often described as ‘off in the clouds or away with the fairies’ a good deal of the time? Or have feelings of being ‘ungrounded’ The Grounding sounds may assist them to be more ‘present’ or have a deeper connection to the earth,

657 Sensitivity. The original ‘Sensitivity’ sounds were created around 2006 specifically for those people who described a ‘heavy feeling’ that they had when they came home from built up areas; especially shopping center’s or from children being in school, being around other children, the energies that you or your child pick up from such areas or groups of people may be affecting you more than you may realize. The original Sensitivity sound is still one of the most powerful sounds that I have created at No 85 in the Directory of Sounds at and it is this sound that was originally adapted for the Sensitivity Special Children sound.

658 Protection. Creating a protective barrier against energetic attachments. Energetic attachments can create uncomfortable feelings in sensitive people, and negative energies can be drawn like a moth to a flame. The Protection sounds are very useful here.

659 Sleep. Sleep can be a trying time for many Sensitive children. The issues of ‘getting to sleep’ or having a restful sleep. Played just before or at bedtime the Sensitive child sleep sounds can be very beneficial. Many special or sensitive children may ‘invite or attract in’ other energies especially of a night. That cry for help and the ‘monster in the room’ in a child may be very real, and for the sensitive adult disturbed sleep patterns and vivid dreams can be related to the ‘astral’ state.


660 Acknowledgement. Allowing and assisting your child to acknowledge that they may be different or more sensitive than others around them, and that is OK, and that you have the tools to assist them on their life journey.

Using the Special Children sounds           

With the exception of the Sleep sounds the other 6 sounds can be played at the start of the child’s day, and in this instance I suggest creating a playlist on a media device for ease of use. E.g .Itunes or your phones music option or cloud storage.They can be used before or shortly after the child getting up for the day. Older children can be responsible for their own ‘sounds’ and I have found over the years that even younger children who have had tablets and iPad’s have enjoyed having ‘their own’ sounds.

Specific sounds can also be played individually as required; for example, playing Sensitivity after being in school or social situations can alleviate the feelings of heaviness or of being weighed down. Protection is good sound to play when you are aware that yourchild will be with people or in an area in which they may feel uncomfortable.

The ’bells’ can be on very low to silent in the background if desired.

By adding the Sensitive ChildPrograms to the Health and Wellness Programs on the website at I have been able to  make this program available to a wider audience.





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