The Pain Pack



The Pain Pack

The Pain Pack includes four individual vibrational sound programs that may be used individually or in conjunction with one another.



The Pain Pack

The Pain Pack includes four individual vibrational sound programs that may be used individually or in conjunction with one another.

The Pain Sounds from Sounds from Source were developed from my using a large Tibetan base bowl and a soft mallet, and creating a deep resonance which vibrated through the body and eased the pain symptoms.

So many clients expressed a wish to be able to take me home that I put the sounds to CD in 2005.

At 1minute and 17 seconds this is quite a short sound.

How this sound came about

As I said above the Pain Sounds were developed for clients by trial and error and I used a combination of my favourite bowl, specific crystals and a series of words which were spoken in my mind to create this unique sound.

Until recently it was the only sound which did not use the Tingshaw or Tibetan bells, however a new sound is in the pipeline which may use a series of instruments.

Often it is beneficial to ‘stand close to a speaker’ while this sound is playing as the actual resonance of the bowl can be felt in the body.

Comment from Susan – This sound may assist you with lessening of physical and emotional pain.
​For a friend of mine who was recovering from fairly radical surgery – she played it on repeat at a low level all the time while she was recovering. Remember, the sounds do not have to be played loudly, they are sending out a vibratory field, as long as they are just audible – they are doing their job. Although from a personal perspective, I like to hear them and feel the resonance going through me.

Sound no 550 Advanced Pain followed on some time later and was created with the Tibetan Tingshaw bells with the intention of ‘dealing with deeper or more advanced pain’. At 1 minute and 43 seconds this is a short and powerful sound program.
Everyone’s pain will be different of course and the ‘pain response’ will also be individual as to which ‘sound’ or combination of ‘sounds’ works best for you.

The Joint Pain sounds were my first exploration into combining frequencies with specific sounds and with the Joint Pain sounds at 5 minutes long in including an instruction for ‘joint repair’ as well as working with why the body has pain.

In adding sound no 181 Vibrational Sounds I am including a specific practitioner sound which is a big part of the Sounds from Source practitioner range. The Vibrational sounds are suggested for use following an accident or an illness. They can be played every hour, or on repeat on low to assist with the healing process of the body.
The Vibrational sounds 181 are one of the most powerful sounds I have ever created, and I will go into a little more detail about them.

When I began studying with the late Cameron Dawson (The Dawson Program) in 2002, he introduced me to the principle of the Vibrational Sounds. Cam’s version of these sounds was approximately 7 minutes long and composed from a series of ancient instruments which were many times liked to a cow bell and an elephant trumpeting.

As this was a sound that we supplied in those days for ‘at home use’ for children with learning issues I was often referred to as ‘the Elephant lady’, when children came back to see me, or in some instances  the comment from a child of ‘Not the Elephant sounds’ as many children did not like them.

So when we decided to create sound 181, we took all of the above into consideration. It needed to offer all of the multi purpose practitioner uses,  to assist the body to energetically “burn” a virus or bacteria from the body when played with intention. And in following an accident or illness to assist with the healing process of the body. Played hourly or on repeat.

Sounds from Source practitioners as I have said use them as an at home follow up after an energetic correction to assist  in activating  brain Integration in both children and adults who are not integrated which may result in learning difficulties especially with reading and lowered levels of  left and right brain integration.

Comment from Susan – This sound will also enhance any other sound or sounds which are played in combination with it.  Great if you are feeling poorly or just want to ramp up a session.

Please note that the Vibrational Sounds no 181 are not a ‘pain’ sound, they do however as Susan has said above ‘enhance any other sound that they are played with’ and have been of immense assistance in facilitating ‘self healing’ in the body.

At 1 minute and 32 seconds long they are a very powerful set of sounds and recommended for practitioner use and client recommendation. They are available in selected Sounds from Source Practitioner programs and as an adjunct to Michael Mcdonnell of Quantum Clairvoyance’s “Adjusting the Human Quantum Field’ programs.

Although this sound has never been released for sale before, some of the Sounds from Source programs are available on the website at:

Many of the original Sounds from Source programs are Practitioner use only and fit into different categories of learning.

By adding these programs on the website at I can make them program available to a wider audience.



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