The Gardening Pack 2




The Gardening Pack 2

Pack 2 includes 4 Sounds + The Rose Garden Meditation by Sheila Kennedy

Sounds No’s

69 Flexibility

154 Releasing Muscle Tension

550 Advanced Pain


69 Flexibility

The concepts for the Flexibility sounds were originally introduced to me when I studied Vibrational Kinesiology with Cameron Dawson (The Dawson Program) in 2003 as an amazing way to release locks and blockages from the body.

Since Cameron’s passing in 2004 and my beginning to create my own vibrational sound programs I have developed this concept much further and created my own set of sounds.

Flexibility is probably my favourite set of sounds. I have often described these sounds to my young clients as ‘the run faster’ sounds, and amaze both child and parent alike with the increased range of movement which they allow the body.

They have also been the basis for The Best Workout for you sounds and website at and the accompanying The Athletes Sports Bag Membership program.

They are designed release all of the locks and blockages in the physical body allowing a greater range of movement and ‘flexibility’.

Sound Length 1 minute and 45 seconds

Having learnt the original concept which became my Flexibility sounds from Cameron Dawson who achieved his process by much banging of cymbals and literally frightening the life out of the recipient who was standing with their eyes closed, not to mention me  as his assistant,  who even though I was expecting it, would literally jump out of my skin when he crashed those large cymbals.

The Flexibility sounds are gentle and non invasive and the range of movement is I believe equal to if not better than the original.

Comment from Susan– When we developed the original Sounds from Source YouTube channel in 20052006 Susan said – This is the one sound that I really wanted to be given away free and of course we do just that, by providing it on our Sounds from Source – you tube channel.

If ever you required definite proof that sound can cause an effect on you, then this is it. In just 1.45 minutes it can improve the flexibility of your body using sound and intention.

Enough said. Also, this is one of the few sounds that is not affected by copying. 99% of all the others lose intensity by copying – which is why we formed the membership site, so that the public could have access to ‘gentler’ versions of some of the practitioner sounds.

Sheila and I asked permission that this sound be freely available to everyone.

The original Flexibility sounds are still available on YouTube for those wishing to access them.


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