Office Career with Frequencies



Office Career with Frequencies

The Office Career Program has been adapted from the Sounds from Source sound no 58 of the same name and I will share the information on this program below.



Office Career with Frequencies

The Office Career Program has been adapted from the Sounds from Source sound no 58 of the same name and I will share the information on this program below.
Recreated into three individual programs with a choice of Tibetan Bells, Tibetan Bells and Music and Tibetan Bells and Frequencies for personal choice.
By adding specific frequencies to the Tibetan Bells it is possible to create a deeper and more in-depth program.
Description of sound
The Office / Career sounds were developed to assist those people who work in businesses and offices to have the best possible day.
How often do you start the day with an unease dread or a fear of what the day will bring?
Or find your day disturbed by the negative vibrations from others after meetings or phone calls.
And perhaps the worst of all, take home the tensions of the day to those you love.
The Office Career sounds are a powerful set of 3 sounds on one sound program.
The first sound sets the intention for the best possible outcome for your day.
The second sound clears negative thoughts feelings and emotions, picked up from others eg interviews, phone calls, meeting etc.
The third set of sounds allows you to release and let go all of the negative or stressful thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you have picked up during the day which are not of any use to you, or which may be having a negative or stressful effect on you, and to release them easily and effortlessly.
Sound Length
Track1, 34 Seconds
Track 2, 26 Seconds
Track 3, 50 Seconds
How this sound came about
The Office / Career sounds like many of the Sounds from Source sounds were developed at the specific request of a client. This client spent many days of the working week taking telephone calls as well as visiting ‘sites’ outside of her office environment.
Her explanation to me was that she often dreaded going to work as the calls she received in her capacity of saying Yes or No to financial dealings were often negative in connotation and left her feeling drained, and the business sites she often needed to attend were often repossessions etc and had a great deal of negativity attached to them.
Not to mention the stress and trauma which she often felt she “took home” with her at the end of a day.
Discussions with many other clients who worked in businesses and offices led to the belief that such a set of sounds would indeed be beneficial, and so they were created.
Comment from Susan – This is an excellent sound for salespeople or customer service people. It is a variation on the clearing sounds. Play track 1 for the start of the day and to set your intention to have a wonderful and productive day and track 2 between clients or phone calls, particularly if you have been unfortunate enough to endure a phone call with from either and angry customer or someone who is just having a bad day and has used you and your energy to off load their frustrations, hurts or other woes. You can play it on your computer or in your car if you are out on the road. Play track 3 at the end of your work day to assist you with ‘turning off’, there can be a major difference between the energy required for you to manage your work day and the energy required to go home and have a happy and fulfilling personal life.
I did a bootcamp a few years ago with regard to selling, as I had a huge fear of the phone, I remember our instructor telling us to pick up the phone within 20 seconds after a ‘bad’ call in order to ‘power on through’, other advice was to literally chain yourself to the desk and not unchain yourself until we had made the required calls. No wonder the phone had a huge negative influence over me! This sound has greatly helped me with my ‘fear of the phone’, I tend to expect a great phone call now and more often than not, that is what I receive. If you have a fear of cold calling – I would like to recommend Ari Galper’s work, you can visit his site at His secret – don’t cold call, build a relationship.


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