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The Long and Short Relaxation Programs

The Long and Short Relaxation programs have not been packaged together previously, the short Relaxation sounds were developed to assist clients to relax and let the tensions go from their bodies.

This short set of sounds may be played at any time and are ideal for client at home use, to relax a tense client in a clinical situation, or simply to unwind at the end of the day.

Length 2minutes and 57 seconds

The Relaxation sounds were developed to assist clients to relax and unwind at any time.

​Many clients expressed a ‘I wish I could bottle you and take you home with me’ comment, or ‘I feel so relaxed after I have spent time with you’ and so on.

From these comments and many more there came a series of sounds for at home use including Stress, Tension, Tranquility and Peace.

Comment from Susan – These shorter sounds are all great and each one is slightly different to the next.
Sometimes, I will play a combination of them to settle me or a client depending on what has been going on throughout the day.
​For myself, I find this particular sound invaluable to play before a meditation or before bedtime.

The Long no 108. Relaxation Music (Relaxation sounds with music 1 hour)

The Relaxation Music mp3 program was created by placing one hour of beautiful music behind the resonant sound of the Relaxation sounds.

The Sounds are repeated throughout the one hour of music for a truly relaxing experience.

Sound Length 1 hour

How this sound came about:

With our great results with the sound and vibration of the bells and the back ground waves of the Massage and Body Therapist sound programs, Susan and I decided to use relaxation music with specific sounds to assist client relaxation and stress release

​Comment from Susan – This series of sounds are lovely
I would like to add a word of caution here, if you are a therapist – please ensure that your place is energetically ‘clean’, before playing these tracks.

You could use the Daily Practitioner mp3 or The Clearing Sounds and Sensitivity. As you are no doubt aware, there can be an energetic ‘residue’ left behind by clients. Because of the purity of the sounds – they tend to act like a giant spotlight and they will sound ‘annoying’ or ‘irritating’ if the space is not clean.
If you find this is the case, your space needs cleaning, or you or your client may have a negative attachment which needs to be addressed.
Playing the other sounds listed above will ensure that you, your client and your space is energetically clean.
These sounds when played in a clean space, with a clear therapist and client should be pleasing to the ear and relaxing on the body.

​Susan’s advice is very applicable here. One of the earliest vibrational sound programs I created is no 15 Daily Practitioner.

The Daily Practitioner Sounds are three short sets of sounds all a minute of less in duration. These powerful sounds may well be your best tool as a practitioner.

Play the first track to set your intention as a practitioner for the day for the optimum levels of intention for yourself and your client.

The second track should be played between clients to remove all emotional and energetic issues left behind by the previous client, thus avoiding the “cross contamination” of a later client picking up the emotional or energetic issues of a previous client, or clients.

The third track is played at the end of the day to release any thoughts feelings and emotions which you as a practitioner may have accepted or had attach to you which are not yours, and to re-energise and revitalise yourself.
** Available also in The Clearing Sounds for non practitioners to clear Spaces, Venues and as a variety of sounds for at home or business use.

Sound Length
Tk1 .34secs,
Tk2 .46secs,
Tk3 .50secs

The Daily Practitioner, Clearing sounds for businesses or home space and venue are available under the Holistic Practitioner programs and a variety of the Sounds from Source programs are available on the website at:

Many of the original Sounds from Source programs are Practitioner use only and fit into different categories of learning.

By adding these programs on the Sheila-Kennedy.com website at www.sheila-kennedy.com I can make them program available to a wider audience.




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