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The Study Program Bells


The Study sounds are an early Sounds from Source program at no 67 and were created in 2005/ 2006. Like the majority of the Sounds from Source programs they have been created with Tibetan Tingshaw bells and can be played on very low to silent.

Description of sound
The Study sounds were originally developed to assist a number of young clients of mine. These non invasive sounds have been immensely popular with both the young student and older clients alike, with many reporting an ease of studying that they had never experienced before.

The Study sounds can be utilised in anumber of ways; played before you study, while you are studying to assist in maintaining focus and concentration, or they can be played over night on a low volume to assist with memory retention. They are also beneficial if combined with the Motivation, Memory Improvement or The Brain and Memory programs.

Sound Length 6 minutes 47 seconds

Historically the impetus for creating the study soundwas a request from ‘country clients’who’s son had travelled to the city to attend university and who was in his own words ‘struggling’ with the work load required at university,


He was one of a  number of younger clients who complained about their lack of focus and concentration when studying, especially those studying at higher education and university levels where the study load can be quite high, ​These sounds have been extremely popular with many people, with a number of young clients I trialled them with reporting higher grades with less effort on their part.

The information which was contained within the Study sounds became the basis or foundation for exploring a number of later sounds including motivation, memory improvement and later the brain and memory programs which became a part of the Absolute Autism series in 2007.

By adding the Study sounds to  www.sheila-kennedy.com I can make this program available to a wider audience.




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