High Intention 2 with Frequencies



High Intention 2 with Frequencies

The High Intention 2 with Frequencies sound is a ten minute long variable program that can be used to facilitate the highest levels of ‘intention’ when you are working, creating, planning and more. In being a ‘variable’ program it allows more depth and breadth of the areas of intention than the shorter High Intention 1 with Frequencies program.



High Intention 2 with Frequencies

The High Intention 2 with Frequencies sound is a ten minute long variable program that can be used to facilitate the highest levels of ‘intention’ when you are working, creating, planning and more. In being a ‘variable’ program it allows more depth and breadth of the areas of intention than the shorter High Intention 1 with Frequencies program.

I share some I believe valuable information on Intention below.

Intention, the Dictionary tells us is an intent or a purpose and refers to a wish that one means to carry out.

Intention is a mental state that represents a commitment to carrying out an action or actions in the future. Intention involves mental activities such as planning and forethought.

Some years ago I wrote the following article on Intention and Healing and I will refer back to it in discussing the High Intention 1 with frequencies sound program.

Intention and Healing
Intention, what is intention?
According to the Macquarie Dictionary intent and intention can be describes by the following;
Intention the act of determining mentally upon some action or result; an intending or purposing; firmly or steadfastly fixed or directed upon something.
So, the general idea is that intention is about having a purpose or direction and firmly, steadfastly fixing on that intention. Now in the instance of using intention as a tool or a direction for healing the practitioner focuses their own intention on the required outcome for the client i.e. healing or wellness, and it is that ‘intention’ which along with the clients acceptance of the healing intention of the practitioner, and the healing itself which accomplishes the ‘healing’.
Now if we break that statement down into its individual components, we see that there are a series of intentions at work here
⦁ The Intention of the practitioner in supplying the required or requested healing / modality

⦁ The intention of the client who has requested the healing and wishes to be healed

⦁ The level of the client’s intention, how much do they actually wish to be healed, a little or a lot, or are they there for a healing under sufferance due to pressure from a family member or friend.

⦁ The level of intention of the practitioner, are they feeling great and in peak performance, do they perhaps have an agenda of their own that they are dealing with, are they being affected by a previous client or an intention from an outside source.

⦁ Did the client actually present or request the healing personally, or is this an ‘absent healing’ requested on behalf of the client by another person? And if so, does the person it has been requested for know about it, or have they given their permission for this healing?

⦁ Last but not least if the practitioner is working with guides, or some form of etheric assistance there is the intention of this ‘extra’ party or parties to be taken into consideration also. Just because someone has a guide it does not mean that they are necessarily of a high order or intention.

So, my friends the plot thickens and so too may the intention, now for better or worse can be anyone’s guess given the variables above.
As practitioner of long standing, I have constantly reiterated to my students the value of intention, and that it must be of the most high.
DO NOT send healing or intention where it is not wanted or not requested, just because someone thinks they are doing a favour for a friend, it may well be a trespass of the highest order.
Do you know what that person’s life contract is? Are you interfering in something which does not concern you, or are you aiding and abetting that interference from another in the name of light and love when that should perhaps be spelt ego as they feel that ‘they know best’ what is right for someone else.
Please be aware of your own intention, I will continue this theme in a chapter on Trespass.
Yes, a little bit of a ‘Sheila’ rant on the importance of coming from the correct space when using ‘intention’ for yourself or someone else.
The High Order Intention 1 frequencies program is intended to add an emphasis to your own intention and to take that ‘intention’ to deeper levels of working or clearing.
Please note that in all the years of creating vibrational sound programs I have always used my own intention as a protection for both the sounds themselves and their eventual recipient that they are used for the highest good of all concerned

It is our belief as we create the Sounds from Source programs that Intention is one of the most profound areas that we need to be aware of.

In everything we do, we ask the following questions:

·         What is our intention

·         Are we coming from a Spiritual perspective?

·         Is that intention for the highest good of all concerned.

What is the level of intention in a particular instance.

I have talked a good deal about intention statements over the years and created various programs based around   Intention Statements

So what is an Intention Statement and how do you create an Intention Statement?

Intention is based on your focus or desired outcome for a specific issue.

An intention statement may be as simple as you stating ‘your’ own intention for your day.

For example I have had a simple intention statement that I have used for many years for myself and which has often created laughter from other people on hearing about it.

I have ‘told myself’ –

That ‘I AM terrific, wonderful and marvellous and that it is going to be a great day’

Now in explaining this statement I have gone on to say ‘Sometimes it hasn’t been such a great day, however I believe that I have started it on the right note for myself, and if I did not love and honour myself, then how could I expect anyone else to’?

** I have used this Intention Statement for more than 30 years, long before I was consciously aware of Intention or Intention statements.

On another note

When Susan and I began working with creating the Sounds from Source practitioner programs we spent a good deal of time working with what were to become known as Practitioner Intention Statements. These individual powerful statements were eventually recorded with the Tibetan Tingshaw bells which we use to create currently all but one of the Sounds from Source sounds, ( the ‘odd one out’ is a recording called Pain and this MP3 program was created using an amazing Chakra bowl)

Through discussion we were aware of the fact that the words we use coupled with the power of intention can have either a positive or a negative impact on the intention with which we are stating, sending or creating for ourselves or others.

Some additional Information

Intention Statements and Thought Forms – both natural and deliberate

Intention Statements and Thought Forms although similar are not the same

An Intention Statement

⦁ A specific and focused intention to want, achieve, create, based on a specific purpose or direction

There is a difference between a Deliberate Thought Form and the mental communication or ‘thought forms’ that forms through the daily chatter of our minds.

A Thought Form – natural

⦁ ‘I hope the kids got the washing in before it rained’,

⦁ ‘I forgot to take the meat out of the freezer for dinner’,

⦁  if ‘XYZ forgets our anniversary again this year, then ABC will happen’.

A Deliberate Thought Form

What is a Deliberate Thought Form?

A ‘Deliberate Thought Form’ is something that is ‘knowingly’ sent towards you.

⦁ Someone has made you the focus of their intention, and ‘knowingly’ used their intention to ‘send’ a thought or thoughts winging towards you’.

⦁  Usually these are negative or harmful thoughts; and may well not be for your greater or highest good.

⦁ A Deliberate Thought Form may have a physical effect on your body as in pain.

⦁ A Deliberate Thought Form may in some instances not be of a malicious nature however may still have a physical impact on your body

⦁ An example of this is a family member or a friend acting on a comment from a new mother that little ‘Johnny is not drinking or sleeping as well as they might’. The often unconscious ‘thought from the person hearing this could be ‘ Oh the poor little precious I hope he is alright’.

⦁ This ‘thought form can have untold problems for ‘little Johnny’ including the short circuiting of the electrical fields or the Meridian structure of the body and a connection or a connecting cord being created back from Johnny to the source of the thought form.

⦁ This connecting cord can transport issues such as anxiety phobia though pattern and emotion which may have never belonged to Johnny, yet are experienced by him though his life.

⦁ The Hindu have a wonderful saying that translated tells us:

We must be careful how we love, for on waves of love we most affect those we adore with our problems.

Basically in being concerned for someone we can have a negative effect on them.

I ‘found’ the downloaded or gifted writing below when looking for information on intention to add to this description. I had honestly forgotten about it.
Intention Channelling

Is it concern or worry true that brings a frown to eyes of blue
You need not concern our child of light
Know your star is shining bright
The time for action it is now nigh
To send yon sounds out to the sky
That they may well to all assist
For such as these are surely missed
By those who seek for answers true
And such as thee surrounded by blue
The journey child so long began
Was well before advent of man
When energetic thoughts did roam
Through universes seeking home
For home is where we seek to be
Yet home is different for you and me
We know your desire for home so true
Yet child we still have tasks for you
We ask on earth you remain a while
To the faces of others bring a smile
For of much importance is the task
To lift the shadows and the mask
The mask that humans long have worn
Why child well long before they were born
The work you do it serves then well
Of other lifetimes then to tell
With sound and healing intention too
Why child you spread the good of you
So walk you tall hold your head high
Remember smile no need to sigh


Sounds from Source and OUR Intention Statement

It is Our Intention to provide to the Multiverses and those who seek for knowledge and information a safe and protected arena for that knowledge and information to be shared presented  and utilised by those who would listen acknowledge and accept such profound and life changing effects

If you are drawn to journey with us then we welcome you my friend
And may the pathway take you to a world that is without end
For much there is unspoken
And much as yet unseen
Gratitude we send this day
To the places we have been
Honour we give to the knowledge
And to those who have travelled far
Some from Ancient races
And many from a distant star
So may your journey with us
Be it long or be it short
Help you to sort the answers
From what you have been taught

For those interested in more information on intention statements the links below offer both paid (Sounds form Source programs) and free The Best Workout for You Membership 7 day Free trial options


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