Gifts with Strings with Bells and Music



Gifts with Strings with Bells and Music

The Gifts with Strings program has been adapted from the Sounds from Source sound no 787 of the same name and I will share the information on this program below.



Gifts with Strings with Bells and Music

The Gifts with Strings program has been adapted from the Sounds from Source sound no 787 of the same name and I will share the information on this program below.
Recreated into three individual programs with a choice of Tibetan Bells, Tibetan Bells and Music and Tibetan Bells and Frequencies for personal choice
By adding a music overlay to the Tibetan Bells they are accepted easily by the ear as well as by the cells and are a convenient option to have on your phone without attracting comment from others.
Description of sound
The sound name Gifts with Strings has brought a good many comments over the years from both practitioners and clients alike as to ‘what are gifts with strings? Two further versions of this Gifts with Strings program have been created since the original program

Sound Length 2 minutes and 11 seconds
How this sound came about
The Gifts with Strings sounds like many of the Sounds from Source sounds were developed following a conversation with a sensitive senior Sounds from Source practitioner. A comment about there being something ‘not quite right’ with her home and that although she had played the Home Space and Venue sounds, she still felt that ‘something’ wasn’t quite right, and could I ‘please check in and have a look’?.
My first thought was that whatever was ‘in her home’ had not been there long and as it was Boxing Day or December the 26th I questioned whether she has people / visitors the previous day. The resulting ‘yes’ and explanation made a great deal of sense to me.
Having been a psychic medium for much of my life one of the common questions I have been asked has been ‘Is there something at my home / house? followed by has some one put a spell or a curse on me?
Odd questions to some and yet very much a fact of life for me.
In many cultures the ‘pretty pot plant’ may well have something buried in with the plant and not necessarily for the good of the receiver.
The often pretty and sweet smelling candles, toiletries or perfume may have an ‘energetic enforceable obligation’ or expectation of something ‘owed’ in return.
The ‘financial’ gift may have an energetic ‘elastic’ attached to it and so on, we can see this as having been given or gifted ‘begrudgingly’ or having an ‘expected to be returned’ policy attached to it.
Not all of the ‘strings’ attached to gifts received will be of these levels; simple things such as a bequest from a family member of a piece of furniture or jewelry may have ‘attachments’, the motor vehicle handed down the ‘family’ could hold frustrations and angst allowing that everything we touch we leave an ‘energetic fingerprint’ which can be picked up by other people.
As I have said in the information on Calling Cards; we are often advised to focus on being in ‘love and light’ and I have been heard to say for years ‘sorry people wake up and smell the roses’, we can aim to live in a space of love and light however we are also subject to the other side of the coin of both positive and negative energies.
Many people who have ‘negativity’ attached to them may well not be aware of it, and ‘drop off’ pieces of basically thought, feeling or emotion in the places they visit or pass through.
One of the areas that we often miss in considering energetic house and space clearing is we do not consider children or the ‘friends’ that children may have visit who can also leave ‘negative’ energies behind.
Your ‘feeling good’ space may suddenly feel ‘not so great’ and leave you wondering why. Contrary of often popular opinion that ‘like attracts like’ I have found over many years that ‘the more light we shine the more ‘bugs’ we may attract’ as ‘negativity’ can be attracted to light. An example of this is the ‘imaginary friend’ that a child may have ‘visit’ through the night which is not so ‘imaginary’ after all.
Many ‘sensitive’ children and adults who come under the categories of indigo, star, rainbow, crystal and so on are especially susceptible to such visitations.
The Gifts with Strings program ‘energetically removes’ these negative energies and attachments and can be played alone or in conjunction with the Calling Cards Clearing Home Space and Venue, Space and Venue or Office Career programs.


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