Earth Healing with Bells



Earth Healing with Bells

The Earth Healing with Bells is the original Earth Healing program created with Tibetan Tingshaw Bells.
I have spent many years clearing ‘Land and related areas’ of energetic issues and going back to 2005 I wrote a small book called Meeting with Spirit which shared some of my experiences of travelling to areas to do so.



Earth Healing with Bells

The Earth Healing with Bells is the original Earth Healing program created with Tibetan Tingshaw Bells.
I have spent many years clearing ‘Land and related areas’ of energetic issues and going back to 2005 I wrote a small book called Meeting with Spirit which shared some of my experiences of travelling to areas to do so.
The original Meetings with Spirit book became a second book as Meetings with Spirit 2 and was joined by Healing Homes both of which I have introduced in the Real Estate and Property program for Your Energetic Business.
In travelling the countryside especially in in different states in Australia as well as overseas and I have come across many areas where the earth or the ‘land’ as some people would say; ‘has been abused’.
Some thirty years ago my late husband and I purchased a property in the Goldfields area of Victoria in Australia; an area known as the ‘Golden Triangle’.
A dear friend of mine referred to this twenty plus acres as a ‘Moonscape’ and questioned if I ‘had rocks in my head’.
What should have been under the ground was on the top and of course what should have been on the top was buried under old mine ‘dumps’ or mounds of white powdery clay with trees growing out of them, or a range of shallow to deep ‘holes’ in the ground.
This area was a major contributor to my impetus to ‘repair the earth’ by beginning with this small section.
Now I was not a stranger to mining by any means having been brought to live in Western Australia in the mid 1960’s with my father relocating form Uganda (East Africa) to take up a post in Kalgoorlie Western Australia and surrounded by Gold mining.
Derelict abandoned mining towns, old diggings, scattered graves and the energies of those long gone; a few more years saw me move to Tasmania and more mining, Tin instead of Gold, yet always the upheaval of the earth and the sense of loss of that which had been before.
While I had physically ‘worked’ to improve my ‘moonscape’ in improving the soil by non chemical means I had also ‘worked energetically’ with the earth; it was not however until some years later having spent some time again in Tasmania (yes I have gypsy feet) that I began to consider creating a specific program.
My Tasmanian trip took me to the Styx Valley wanting to see the ancient tall trees that had just been found and when we were denied entry, to the area back down the road to stop off at the incredible Mount Field National Park where:
The stunning natural flora transforms, offering a constantly changing view as you climb to higher altitudes. Known as ‘the park for all seasons’, Mount Field is part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and home to some of the world’s tallest eucalypt forests, as well as a unique array of alpine vegetation.
Mount Field National Park is one of Tasmania’s oldest national parks and is also one of its most diverse. Spectacular glaciated landscapes compete for attention with cascading waterfalls, including the breathtaking, three-tiered Russell Falls – arguably one of the most impressive waterfalls in Tasmania.
Past areas of heavy logging and huge piles of tree ferns known as Man Ferns waiting to be burnt as these amazing areas were decimated. A passionate filmmaker friend shared interviews and images she had taken which later became a short film.
Then to the west coast of Tasmania and down to Queenstown.
Mining town surrounded by a barren moonscape produced by copper smelters.
Can ecological vandalism on a massive scale be considered one of the wonders of the world? Probably yes, because the first time anyone sees the valley at Queenstown (and you always enter it from the hills above the town) they spontaneously gasp in amazement. Having passed through densely timbered Tasmanian wilderness they are suddenly confronted with a moonscape produced, in the space of only twenty years, by the savage cutting of the pristine forests to fuel the local copper smelters and the corrosive, deadly sulphur fumes from eleven furnaces. The heavy west coast rain (it averages around 2400 mm a year) did the rest. Erosion stripped the hills of their soil and a man-made desert was left. Yet, for all this, here is an intensely beautiful and wild area. When the grey clouds tumble in, driven by the Roaring Forties; when the hills are smudged with forbidding mists; the Queen River valley, for all its damage, is unforgettable. It really is one of the wonders of the world while, at the same time, being a reminder of our capacity as a species to destroy and pollute the planet. But be quick: nature has an endless capacity for renewal and current reports are that the trees are finally growing back and the moonscape will be returned to Tasmanian wilderness within our lifetime.

Queenstown, TAS

It was following this Tasmanian sojourn and a move back to the state of Victoria that I met Cameron Dawson who not only changed my life, who also taught me Vibrational Kinesiology.
I had been fascinated by sound for many years and had been working with my ancient Tibetan bells that I use to create the sound programs as well as a Tibetan Base bowl, a variety of Crystal bowls and hand-made Native American drums. Training with Cameron took my work and my understanding to a whole new level, and the introduction of the Sounds from Source programs originally (The Healing Sounds) following Cameron’s passing in 2004 brought new dimensions to my work.
The Earth Healing with Bells program (the original program) has been developed from a variety of understandings and areas of knowledge. This Earth Healing program has never been publicly released before, although is has been ‘trialled’ many times with willing participants.
Unlike the ‘Clearing Land program (information below):
The Clearing Land program which was created many years ago and was designed to specifically clear properties and land of any energetic overlays or attachments whether from the current or previous owners and to release the energetic ownerships of the property.
I often speak about what I refer to as an ‘Energetic Fingerprint’, and I have for many years discussed the fact that everything we ‘physically’ touch we leave an ‘energetic fingerprint’ or residual memory, and that these ‘energetic fingerprints’ can linger for many years. Not only in and on the structure of homes or buildings and the interior fittings and furniture, also the uncomfortable feelings of old arguments, stresses and traumas that give the ‘you could have cut the air with a knife’ feeling or the sensation of feeling unsettled when walking into some premises or onto specific areas of ‘land’.
Please remember that although ‘land’ may look clear and often ‘untouched’ that it may have been ‘walked on’ or habited generations ago and that there may be lingering or ‘energetic claims’ on the land and the physical property from previous owners both indigenous and more recent as well as previous structures that may have been built on the land.
Buildings and dwelling can and do retain memories of residual energies from tradespeople who have been involved in the construction or upgrades and repairs on any improvements on a property or land including dams, water courses, fences and roads both on and around the property e.g. concreters, bricklayers, carpenters, plumbers and the like who may have left an ‘energetic fingerprint’ during the construction of such improvements or buildings.
More recently the issues of restrictions affecting the world on many levels may also ‘activate’ previous memories or energetic fingerprints or restrictions as well as griefs and losses which can have a negative impact on sensitive people.
The Earth Healing program looks at many more layers of the earths structure and foundation, including the areas of latitude and longitude, northern and southern hemispheres, ley lines, surface or groundwater and subterranean water; (subsurface or underground water), toxicity of water including still, natural, damned or man made structures, waterways and the earths surfaces.
I said earlier that ’the Earth Healing program has never been publicly released before, although it has been ‘trialled’ many times with willing participants; these include decimated areas, toxic water storages, over cropped land, pests and viruses in crops and more.
My suggestion for the Earth Healing with Bells program is play this program daily, it can be left on repeat if you wish for a more concentrated healing intention.
The program can be on very low or silent to suit.
Playing the Earth Healing with Bells program in conjunction with one of the Intention programs can also add an additional dimension to the instructions.



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