Accepting and Disallowing Treatment, Client Encumbrances or Restrictions, Controlling Effects Treatment




The Professional Program 7Accepting and Disallowing Treatment, Client Encumbrances and Restrictions, Controlling Effects Treatment


Sounds no 992, 993, 1059


The specific vibrational sounds in the Professionalprogram 3 came about through a series of issues some years ago that required me to create some new vibrational sound programs and I added these to the ‘Intermediate level’ Sounds from Source practitioner programs’ through the Sounds from Source  website at

The three Practitioner ‘sound’ programs which make up ‘The Professional Program 7 Pack’ include Accepting and Disallowing Treatment, Client Encumbrances and Restrictions, Controlling Effects Treatmenthave not been previously released.


As a long termholistic practitioner and metaphysical teacher I have utilised a specific instruction for many years of asking a series of Silent or Prior Client Questions. Part of these questions includes:


  1. Will this client accept a correction Y / N


  1. If not whynot?


Ifnotwhy not? Is there an issue which needs to be addressed to allow this client known as …………………………… accept a correction for their optimal / optimum health, Y / N, Look at Client wanting / needing to hold onto  an issue OR whether there is an outside influence e.g. a sense of ‘ownership’ or control


  1. Will all of the energetic bodies of this client accept a correction Y / N


If not why not?


These program have been recreated in this instance for the vibrational health programs asindividual vibrational soundswith a frequency overlay combining the Tibetan Tingshaw Bells, with energetic Frequencies for use in a holistic health setting.

By adding specific frequencies to the Tibetan Bells it is possible to create a deeper and more in-depth program.

These sounds for are available under the Holistic Practitioner programs; and a variety of the Sounds from Source programs are available on the website at:

Many of the original Sounds from Source programs are Practitioner use only and fit into different categories of learning.

So why these specific sounds?

Over a period of time I saw a series of clients with different issues and yet in general an immense will to live.

It is only recently that the need for sounds 992 and 993 had come up and I would not recommend using sound 1059 without playing them first, they are incredibly important as a ‘series’ of three.

Sounds 992 Accepting and Disallowing Treatment relates to the ‘Client Questions’ above that I recommend every practitioner ‘Ask’ at the beginning of a session, a specific  Protocol of Kinesiological Questioning to ascertain that the body will accept a correction and continue to utilise this correction for its highest good. Please remember that your client may have been ‘persuaded’ to come for an appointment by well meaning family or friends, have a ‘vested interest’ in being unwell, or on a specific ‘soul journey’ that we are not aware of.

In dealing with Accepting and Disallowing Treatment we are looking at the client themselves, do they want to be there? Have they come to see you or contacted you because someone else thought that they should.


Sound 992 2 minutes and 52 seconds

In looking at sound no 993 Client Encumbrances and Restrictions these are areas that I have been aware of for a long time and an early article on ‘Beware of Clients with Strings’ relates to this very well. Often when you work or consult with a client you will be the latest in many practitioners that they have seen over the years. In the main these may have been ‘Western Medicine’ based rather than Holistic or Natural practitioners and have formed an expectation in the mind of the client as to how what why and when the appointment with you will provide.

It is unfortunate that some practitioners have or hold a proprietary interest in ‘their’ clients and that can relate to areas of ‘client ownership’ and more. These levels of client ownership or ‘strings’ are what we are dealing with in the sound no 993 Client Encumbrances and Restrictions.

Sound 993 2 minutes and 5 seconds

I recently changed my Client play list to including 1059 Controlling Effects Treatment with sounds 992 and 993 for the express purpose of negating and dissipating not only the ‘additional baggage ‘ that a client may present with however also the often subversive levels of ‘controls’ that may come into play also.


Sound No 1059

The Controlling Effects Treatment sounds followed on from practitioner sounds 992 and 993 which are Accepting and Disallowing Treatment and Client Encumbrances and Restrictions two fairly recent sounds that I believe can play an important part in the client / practitioner relationship as well as allow for the highest or most beneficial results from the ‘sounds’ that you will follow it on with, and with the addition of this third sound rounds that out not only nicely, it may be of immense importance to the ongoing health of your client.

1059 2 minutes and 21 seconds

We could say that this sound has been a long time in the creating; basically it deals with the levels of how well or how much of an improvement can be made for the individual and whether those choices are their own or from ‘others’ and these can be ‘known or unknown’.

Like many of the deeper Sounds from Source sounds sound no 1059 was created because there was a need for them.

Over a period of some thirty years I have ‘lost’ a few clients; not many and yet in every case I have questioned why?

Was there a reason for that particular person to not become well? Were there ‘outside’ influences that led to this decision or state of being?  Did this client have a ‘vested interest’ in remaining unwell or reverting to a previous state of dis-ease? Or where there other perhaps ‘subversive reasons as to why the client passed away or ‘died’

I am going to share a few different examples that have led to the creation of this sound, each one of them is individual and different. There are a few more than I have written about and in the majority of instances they have included what I refer to as ‘outside influences’.

Almost thirty years ago my late husband had a stroke, this led to further or multiple strokes overnight and a dire prognosis of ‘he may live ten weeks or ten years however he will never be any good’ and he was put into an induced coma,

Over a period of some weeks of being in the coma he began to become more aware and would turn his head from one side to the other towards for example if there were one of us each side of the bed, towards the person who was speaking.

Later at week twelve he began to open one eye for periods of time, a fact that the Doctor refuted as ‘that can’t be happening’, and when we disagreed about it the ‘feeding’ tube that was the only support he was having was removed on the Doctors orders and he passed away a week later.

Moving on a number of years I had a colleague ask me to see if I could help her son in law. He had spent a year having chemo and radiation treatment and then given a month to live with ‘there is nothing more we can do for you so do not bother coming back’. I travelled to see him and he thanked me for my time and commented’ I have grown up with the statement from my mother that ‘ every male in the family had died before the age of 40 and you are a brave boy you will do it nicely’! So why he asked me ‘would I be any different?’. He passed away a few months later and came back to visit energetically to thank me and to share some information with me. Basically, he informed me that there was a question that I had not asked.

Another situation the husband of a client had been hospitalized for some weeks and then sent home with a  ‘no idea what is wrong with you’, and eventually collapsed at home and was ambulanced to a private hospital and into intensive care with the diagnosis that all of his organs were closing down. I spent the evening and night at the hospital with him and supporting his wife and after a few hours he had kidney function and his bladder was working amidst quite some surprise from the hospital staff.

He was moved to a public hospital the following day and I visited him after work, he was sitting up in bed having a cup of tea and doing well,laughing and chatting away to me.

His wife called me at 9.30am the following morning. He had asked one of the nurses which hospital he was in at 9am and she had replied that he was in the in X hospital and in the Hospice ward and within thirty minutes he had passed away. We have a personal choice here of the person choosing personally not to remain alive.

Another client had been taken from home by ambulance and was placed on a life support following a sleep apnoea issue. When checking into the body on request from the family the soul / spirit was still at ‘home’ and the ‘body’ was some kilometres away at the hospital.

Reconnecting the soul / spirit for the client and improvements were made, and the body related requiring a 24 hour period to require life support for the body to be self sufficient again. The hospital convinced the clients wife who was from another culture and country that the clients future would be a non – event and the life support was turned off immediately. The client continued breathing for themselves for some hours without support to the surprise of the hospital staff and eventually passed away.

There has been another instances where a client has chosen to make a decision to ‘do more’ from the other side, and to continue to provide support and information from the perspective  todefine unconditional love or to say that a person loves unselfishly; that he or she cares about the happiness and long term wellbeing of the other people. The definition of unconditional love could ‘be love without condition’. A situation that I have found extremely humbling.

If we look at what in many instances that Susan and I have referred to as, or will associate with the word ‘subversive’ we have been looking at ‘an attempt to overthrow for example’ or  a’ systematic attempt to overthrow or undermine’ this can be related to a ‘government or political system by person or persons unknown’  although we are actually looking at the word a little differently in this instance.

From a ‘dimensional perspective’ or the levels and layers  of subversive behaviour’s in a more personal instance,  and here we  can include ‘family’ members who may have a vested interest in the person we are working with being ‘unwell’ for a variety of reasons. These can include a ‘belief in what we are told by the medical profession, a personal situation between different members of the clients family for example those who do not want XYZ to suffer, if someone is going to ‘die’ they want it to be quickly / not suffer, as well as in some instances unfortunately financial perspectives and other family members who are looking at a bigger picture and have an inner knowing that their family member can be well of recover.

In other instances a more deliberate ‘effect’ on the person or persons in question these can be both related and non related situations; and in these instances they can relate to an ‘in law’ for example who has a ‘vested’ interest in the person that is not approved of becoming well or of creating a ‘situation’ whereby the person becomes ill from a deliberate perspective. Here I am looking at situations such as ‘thought forms and invocations, and the deeper levels of spells, curses voodoo, black magic and energetic enslavement.

These three sounds and especially sound no 1059 Controlling Effects Treatment fit with all of the areas or levels of working with the Sounds from Source programs from the Basic Vibrational Sound Program BVSP through to the High Order Energetic Program HOEC as they have been created to be a powerful series of vibrational sound programs.

Using these three sounds with other programs.

I have personally added these three powerful sounds to the beginning of each play list I use as I have trialledthem and depending on the level of Sounds from Source programs that you are working with sound no 685 CRSM the shorter version of no 414 Collapsing Residual Signature Memories so that you are ‘erasing’ the energetic footprint of where you have been.


As a practitioner – Use with other sounds?  Any of the Sounds from Source vibrational sound programs or with your own work.

A good deal of thought went into the inclusion of these high level vibrational sound and frequency programs to non Sounds from Source practitioners. By adding these programs on the website at I can make them available to a wider audience.



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