The Just Pregnant Pack

The Just Pregnant Pack consists of the following 5 Vibrational Sound programs. 4 off these are from Sounds from Source


Just Pregnant,

Stress Free Pregnancy,

Bonding with Baby,

The Road to Wellness Detox program for the whole family includes the Road Map to Wellness report. (This is NOT a Sounds from Source program)

Tranquility Sounds



The Just Pregnant Pack Information

The Just Pregnant Pack consists of four individual vibrational sound programs from the Sounds from Source program. These include:

The Just Pregnant Sounds relieve stress and anxiety which may be present at conception or at the time of realising that you are pregnant, and may be used throughout your pregnancy.

The Stress Free Pregnancy Sounds assist in relieving worries, stresses and anxieties which may affect you as a mother during your pregnancy.  This includes the common concerns that affect most Mother’s to be as to the health and wellbeing of their child and or children, and their own suitability as a parent, whether they have been one before or not.

The Bonding with Baby Sounds have raised a number of questions over the years with ‘Why Bonding with Baby’ being the most commonly asked question that has been asked, and closely followed by  ‘Surely every mother bonds with her child” ?

As a Mother of five, Sheila is well aware that her own levels of bonding with her children was different in each case, and even during each individual pregnancy. The situations and stresses of daily living and your own upbringing may have a profound effect on the connection you have with your child and or children, whether these children are conceived naturally, with assistance ie IVF, or with adoption and blended families

The Bonding with Baby Sounds were created to release any blockages to you having a bond of love with your child or children. The Bonding with Baby Sounds are suitable for both Mothers and Fathers, and for those who wish for a stronger bond with the child or children in their lives.

The Road to Wellness program is an energetic ‘detox’ program than Sheila created in 2007 and is played ONCE a month only allowing a gentle detox for you  and your child without  the need to ingest anything. Includes the Road Map to the Road to Wellness  report on the toxins we are subject to on a daily basis.

Morning sickness may well be seen as the bodies attempt to rid itself of a toxic environment, and it is recommended that if you are planning a pregnancy that you use the gentle vibrational sounds of  The Road to Wellness program to detox your body before becoming pregnant.

This amazing program is suitable for the whole family from newborn babies to the elderly and is also available separately.

The Tranquillity Sounds were developed as a part of a holistic program to assist your body to release stresses and tensions and to allow you to function in a calm and tranquil state.

These sounds may be played as often as desired, either on a daily basis or in situations of stress where a tranquil state is the desired outcome.


The Just Pregnant Pack  of 5 MP3 download programs and an e book

Cost USD $80

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