When is a ghost not a ghost?

January 16, 2023by Sheila Kennedy

When is a ghost not a ghost?

When is a ghost not a ghost, I believe it is when it is an earthbound energy.

Some three years ago now, in 2005 I wrote a small book called Meetings with Spirit, basically it was designed to educate and inform the many people who’s main questions to me were ‘what happens to people when they pass over’, and what is a ‘ghost’?

In Meeting with Spirit I explain ‘death’ as a step sideways in time… the soul leaves the physical body or ‘vehicle’ it has been attached or anchored to for its journey here on earth, and ‘goes home’ where it is reunited with its Soul Group’. This is a joyous time, a time of celebration, and welcoming the ‘traveller’ home.

Our Soul Group comprises of the many souls with whom we are connected on the higher realms, we have shared many lives and incarnations in the past, we may have been family loved ones and friends, or even associates in the past.

As the Soul Group rejoices in the return of the ‘dearly departed’ back into the spirit world much love is sent to the earthly family and friends who in many instances are grieving the one they see as lost or departed, and there may be many visits back to the ‘family’ in an attempt to console the grieving relatives, and lessen the burden of grief.

These visits are quite different to what we as humans may describe as seeing ‘ghosts or apparitions’ and are usually felt as a strong ‘presence’ of a departed relative, or a sense of not ‘being alone’. Some people have reported smelling perfume or tobacco which they have previously associated with a deceased relative.

An earthbound energy is quite different, and I have often explained this as the process which happens when the death or passing is of a sudden or violent nature or the person doesn’t believe that there is anything ‘after the now’.

In this instance if one imagines throwing a  stone into a pond and the ensuing ‘ripple effect’ that this creates, then a similar explanation can be given for the sudden ‘jerk’ as the soul leaves the body and departs for home, and in this instance whatever it is that you individually see or recognise as home. Heaven, Soul consciousness, Nirvana., the I AM, the All that there is and so on.

by Sheila Kennedy

A Spiritual and Metaphysical Practitioner and Teacher With a lifetime connection to the higher spiritual realms Sheila Kennedy has devoted much of her adult life to ‘working with energies’ A connection with the body of consciousness she recognizes as Sounds from Source in 2004 led to the co-creation of the family of Sounds from Source programs. ‘ The sounds facilitate the release of cellular memory and assist in restoring the body to health and harmony. In more recent times they evolved to support the healing of Mother Earth and broader expanses, and especially those related to planetary and universal healing. Well known as a Metaphysician, author and poet Sheila grew up in East Africa and the Australian outback. Sheila’s work, like her background, is an eclectic and innovative blend of indigenous and contemporary healing modalities.


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