The Vanishing Twin 1

The Vanishing Twin 1


The Vanishing Twin syndrome as it is often described as or as I often refer to it as Multiple Foetuses at Conception has fascinated me for many years. I had written and spoken about it many times before I became aware that other ‘practitioners’ referred to it by the same name.


So, what is a ‘Vanishing Twin”?

In many instances at conception both ovaries may release an egg, or one ovary may release more than one egg, or the egg may separate into individual sections eg twins, triplets etc. This is very common and tests kinesiologically at 80% of conceptions/ pregnancies there is a multiple pregnancy although only 13% are a multiple birth.


Now because the body is ‘built’ on an electrical system, the Meridian system, if the additional and tiny fertilised eggs do not survive they are generally re-absorbed by the body or “Mum” may have a small bleed, sometimes giving rise to fears of a miscarriage and the often heard ‘oh it looked like you were losing the baby but it’s held on’ etc.


When the fertilised egg is absorbed the electrical fields of the other foetus or foetuses will remain and may have an effect on the surviving foetus / baby etc.


I have often said to a client ‘Do you feel as though something is missing, or as if you are constantly looking for something you do not find to which I invariably receive an affirmative and a ‘how did you know’.


Basically because the ‘sub conscious’ mind or the genius as I describe it is aware of and will keep ‘looking’ for these ‘missing’ siblings.


How this program came about

Back in 2006 I had been talking to one of the Practitioners of other modalities who had trained with me the previous year about the situation as I have described it above, and the fact that there had never been a sound recorded for this, it was something I asked for a client during my consultation, and then I dealt with the situation at the time.


One client who brought her young son to see me suffering from a severe anxiety laughed when I explained this possibility to her and asked me how many foetuses I believed had there been at her young son’s conception.


When I said eight she shook her head in disbelief and said ’Sheila you don’t know how right you are, when S… was born there were seven shrivelled strings attached to the placenta and the one umbilical cord and my doctor told me these had been from the other foetuses which had not survived’.


Removing these memories which is done with love and a sense of reverence allows the release of anxieties and clients often express feeling lighter or less stressed afterwards.


My Sounds from Source colleague Susan Ormsby commented some years ago– Sheila has been given a tremendous amount of information on this topic and has done her own exhaustive research through a number of different modalities and conferring with numerous other healers on this topic.


There is a lot about these connections which we are learning and continue to learn and the consequences of these conditions continue to unfold.



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