Soul Purpose 1

Why are we here on earth at this present time? The original Soul Purpose sounds were created in 2006 and were developed to allow humanity to reconnect its soul with its earthly / or human purpose.


It is my personal belief that we came to Earth to experience being a soul or spirit in a human body. So effectively we are here to experience a human existence.


These original sounds contain a  powerful intention designed to facilitate your own reconnection with yourself and with your own soul purpose, they are of benefit to those with the ‘why am I  here? what did I come to do, or come to experience questions?


These sounds are not for everyone, your own spiritual evolvement will guide you if the souls purpose sounds and the additional sounds which accompany this  service are meant for you.


All of my life from being a small child I have had a ‘connection’ with a higher source, and a communication with those who have ‘passed over’.


Many times I have spoken to or counselled clients with questions about their lives and the paths they have chosen to take in these lives.


My general explanation is that we are a soul or a spirit in a human body having a human experience. Those who have read ‘Meetings with Spirit’ a small book I had published a few years ago, will be aware of my ‘Coffee Shop in the Sky’ explanation of creating what I refer to as Soul Contracts, and the Heavenly Supermarket which has better trolleys than we do, where we as souls collect the emotion’s we wish to experience in this life. Then our coming through the revolving door to earth and forgetting everything we have chosen.
​This simple yet incredibly powerful program combining the sounds no 83 Soul Purpose, with sound no 257 Soul Activation and sound no 315 Soul Purpose 2 allows you reconnect with yourself and your soul purpose.


These powerful vibrational sound programs and not for everyone, my Sounds from Source colleague Susan Ormsby said when we created sound no 83; I only play this sound on rare occasions, and only if my testing dictates that the client requires this sound. This is not one that I play on request.


The Soul Purpose 1 service is an Absent sessions 0nly and is approximately 1 hour in length and costs USD $150


*For those with a deeper awareness of their soul lineage and soul group please see the Soul Purpose 2 service.

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Copyright by | All rights reserved.