Sadness and Grief 2

Sadness and Grief and Grief and Loss can go hand in hand and will affect each of us differently, and it is my belief that each time that we experience a sadness or a grief that it ‘activates’ the memory of every other earlier sadness and grief that we have ever experienced.

The Sadness and Grief 1 service with Sheila deals with the general areas of Sadness and Grief and Grief and loss that can have a profound effect on peoples lives, This second Sadness and Grief service goes into the  deeper levels of Ancestral and Intergenerational Grief and Loss and Sadness and Grief that can be handed on down the genetic ancestral line from our ancestors as well as levels of what I refer to as Cyclic Inherited Trauma which deals with what can be termed ancestral post traumatic stress and also the levels of intergenerational grief and loss,

The Sadness and Grief sounds NO 254 in the Sounds from Source Directory of sounds were created to deal with the many layers of Sadness and Grief which we may accumulate as we move through our lives.

Some years ago when I wrote about Sound No 37 Grief and Loss these sounds were created to address the small griefs as well as the larger ones, moving house, state, or country as I often have, as well as leaving the beloved childhood friend or pet.

The Grief and Loss sounds were created to work with the individual cells of the body to gently release these stored memories and allow the body to replace these often overwhelming feelings with a calm, tranquil and peaceful state.

The Sadness and Grief sounds are quite different in many ways as they address the individual levels of Sadness and Grief, which although they are often ‘lumped’ together as one emotion are actually quite different.

Whether your issue is with Sadness or Grief the combination of these powerful Practitioner level sounds being played for you may be of benefit to you. By combining them with other unique sounds relating to levels of retained memories often the levels of grief and loss and sadness and grief can be alleviated.

By addressing areas such as Hurt, Retained Memories, Anxiety, Releasing Limitations, Releasing Blockages, Freedom, Blame, Shame, and Guilt, and Negative Influences often the levels of grief and loss and sadness and grief can be alleviated. Deeper issues are addressed with sounds such as Negative Influences 1, Negative Influences 2, Intergenerational Grief and Loss, Intergenerational Emotional Encodings, Releasing Enforceable Obligations and Cyclic Inherited Trauma we are able to work to a much deeper level of removing old memories and patterning and replacing those thoughts with a more positive emotional balance.


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