Releasing Expectations

Similar to the Releasing Ancient and Modern Contracts and Agreements program service the Releasing Expectations program follows a different path and although the foundation program as in the levels which are exploredare the the same being the 20 levels of Ancient and Modern Expectations, the 40 States of Being and the 30 levels of Enforceable Obligations, with the Releasing Expectations the vibrational sounds used change.

No 487 Expectations 1 the Levels of Expectation

No 488 Expectations 2 States of Being of Expectation

No 489 Expectations 3 Enforceable Obligations of Expectation

No 176 Bondage

No 431 Releasing Circles and Bindings

432 Encodings Related to Circles and Bindings

No 490 Chains and Fetters

Each of the High Order programs deals with specific areas of memory and cellular realities


No 487 Expectations 1 the Levels of Expectation

The Levels of Expectation 1 sound deals with both the Conscious and Subconscious levels of the mind it is a high level sound which explores and dissipates all and any of the known and unknown or unidentified levels of Expectation.

No 488 Expectations 2 States of Being of Expectation

The States of Being of Expectation deals with the forty {40] known states of being we may have been in when we agreed or made a contract to be ‘beholden to the expectations of another or others.

No 489 Expectations 3 Enforceable Obligations of Expectation

 When this program was created as usual I wrote notes, and it is those notes which guide me to the areas to addressed and the specific sounds which were created, In this instance I wrote as follows

’Levels of expectation 2, Conscious and Subconscious, Ties in with Contracts and Agreements as well as Enforceable Obligations, Looks like a twisted rope, becomes thicker and stronger each time it is ‘fed’.More ‘Binding’ and in being more binding may become more demanding so a vicious ‘circle’

No 176 Bondage

 The Bondage sound came into play in 2010and addresses the many forms of Bondage which we may encounter on our life pathways.

No 431 Circles and Bindings

 The levels of Circles and Bindings are:

1 Family, 2 Work, 3 Friendships, 4 Clubs and Organisations, one can become drawn into circles within circles, fundraisers, executive committees etc, 5 Phone, Electricity contracts can also include finance, banks, insurances, houses, rent / buy etc the ‘solid’ piece locks you in. 6 Multi level marketing companies, 7 Obligation of some kind- agreement, 8 Shopping, customer enters – browsing/ to buy/ by entering creates agreement, then 2nd agreement if purchasing, 9 Dimensional agreements, includes Cosmic, Galactic, Dimensional, Multiversal, and beyond, creational, conceptual, contractual andcoerced

No 432 Encodings Related to Circles and Bindings

 The information which presented relating to the Encodings Related to Circles and Bindings took us to a deeper level again


No 490 Chains and Fetters

 As my Sounds from Source colleague Susan and I brainstormed from different statein 2011 I had a song running through my mind, an old song from the 1960’s or 70’s called ‘Unchain My Heart’ and there we had the last sound as we explored what the expectations of other people may be, and the way in which they can chain or as I described a manacle to Susan and the word ‘Fetter’ came to mind. So the last sound in the Expectation series became Chains and Fetters


About Sheila Kennedy

Sheila Kennedy is also known as the Galactic Light Warrior. As an intuitive crusader she is on a mission to create balance and harmony in the world, one person at a time. With a lifetime connection to the higher spiritual realms Sheila has devoted much of her adult life to ‘working with energies’, A connection with the body of consciousness she recognises as Sounds from Source in 2004 led to the co-creation of the family of Sounds from Source programs.

These unique programs span the multiverses and beyond addressing issues from energetic controls and programming , spells, curses, voodoo, black magic, energetic enslavement, dimensional cosmic and galactic contracts and vows and more.

Have you looked everywhere for help, felt misunderstood, brushed aside or scoffed at, then help is at hand.

Sheila works with the 1% of the population who are open to the fact that there is another way, as she works with cellular memory and the deeper and often unspoken levels of life to guide and assist people to change their past for a better future’.

A comment from a grateful client on the High Order programs

This is incredible and so complex. The detail and the depth on how we are all connected, like some twisted web. It’s incredible that you were able to pick this up. 

and my response

Incredibly complex I agree, and we have often had ‘lives’ with people in our life, as in we tend to reconnect with the same ‘soul group from kindergarten to university’ at times in as far as their ‘knowledge and experiences’ go.

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