Personalized House Cleansing or Clearings

Your home should be a ‘sacred space’; often old and recent energies can make our spaces fee less comfortable to live in through to having profoundly negative effects on us.

These individual house and land clearings or cleansings are done. Generally – a house cleansing will take about 2 hours minimum. Doing a session remotely is just as effective as in person – and can address wherever you live in the world. A personalised house clearing is for those who are aware that their home or space just doesn’t feel quite right. It may be

  • Your space may feel cold or ‘weird’, you may hear odd sounds or just feel very unsettled and strange in a space which did not feel this way before.
  • You or members of your family may be experiencing severe mood swings or just be behaving in ways which are not normal for you or them.
  • Children may not want to sleep in or go into a room
  • Tenants complain of being unsettled in the premises

Deeper issues for example vents, portals, energetic gateways, entity presence, special site considerations – ie sacred sites, sites where battles or something strange has happened.

These services are suitable for home / space or venue
These are specialized cleansings requiring specific knowledge and techniques.

The Personalised House Clearing or Cleansing Absent sessions are approximately 2 hours in length and include a written report.

Cost USD $500

For an Appointment of this service, Please make a booking

For those involved in Real Estate the offer 2 individual programs at

Testimonial from L.T Lawyer

“Sheila undertook an Energetic Business clearing and associated work for our office in June 2019. The following financial year saw a 61% increase in profit, an improvement in our already very good culture, and a progression from a high performing team to an extremely high performing team of individuals. The difference was astounding. Thank you Sheila. Your work is amazing.”

From Vivienne and Chris

Vivienne: “So Chris if you were to give a review on Ursula the house we just finished and how using sound therapy on her using the real estate sounds and how having Sheila do a healing on the property affected it what would you say?”

Chris: “I would say it was really quite interesting because to start with things were extremely challenging and whilst we still encountered challenges the whole way through once the healing was done things just seemed to fall into place and flow a lot better. Not just that also being in the house felt a lot more comfortable and a lot more relaxed. Before that you kind of felt like there was something over your shoulder but yeah now it just seemed to work. As a result as well, what we had happened, how fast the turnaround was. We did an amazing job, everything we just trusted and it just all worked and I mean hey its been up for sale on the internet for 24hours and we have had 3 offers, you can’t beat that. So yes if anyone is asking I would highly recommend it and yes I plan on doing it with every single property just saying. Thanks Sheila”

For Appointment of this service, Please make booking

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