Leaving the past behind as you journey forward

October 20, 2018by Sheila Kennedy

Leaving the past behind as you journey forward

As we move forward in life we carry with us memories, thoughts feelings beliefs and ideas. Some of these may be our own, and others may relate to things we have seen, heard or read. I shared the article below on another website  around 2016 and as it is not available on that site any longer I wanted to share it again.

I began the article with;

Way back in 2013  I saw the quotation below;

As you travel on your journey remember that the footprints that you leave on your path are as unique as the path you are walking.

This quotation was from Kevin Hall author of  ‘Aspire’

I wrote about the impression that this statement from  Kevin Hall had brought up for me at the time, and I will share that writing with you now..

We could examine Kevin Hall’s quote from a number of perspectives, however today I would like to use it to illustrate the past, and the future.

As we journey, we do so not alone. There are those who will walk part of the journey with us, who’s footsteps will blend and sometimes mingle with our own, branching off at times as one or another of us ‘does our own thing’, and they may or may not return to continue to tread for a while the path which we have chosen.

The path which we walk on is truly as unique as you or I. It may be overshadowed with the thoughts feelings and emotions of another or others, and yet it truly is ‘our path’.

The unique footsteps which you leave on your path are a reflection of you, they are the indicators of where you strode out confidently, where you may have faltered through uncertainty or indecision, or even have been influenced or guided by another.

Each of these circumstances has played a part in where you are on your journey, and may influence the direction you take in the future. However the choices that you make are unique to you, and your journey forward is just that ‘Your Journey Forward’.

Release the fears, let go of the indecisions, allow the waves to wash over the footprints that you have left behind and move forward with confidence and secure in the knowledge that ‘You’  are walking Your Path, and that it is Unique to You’.

Powerful thoughts in March of 2013 and equally as powerful today.

The Amazon page for Kevin Hall’s book  ‘Aspire: Discovering Your Purpose Through the Power of Words’ shares the following.

We live our lives word by word – to build our relationships, to convey our points of view, to object to wrongs done to us or to others, to comfort our children and our friends. We also use the wrong words – sometimes unknowingly – and get ourselves into situations we’d rather not be in.

As Stephen R. Covey points out in his introduction: “Words sell and words repel; Words lead and words impede; Words heal and words kill.”

Kevin Hall discovered the deeper power inherent in words after a fateful encounter with a wise shopkeeper in Vienna. When that led to an introduction to an esteemed etymologist residing in a senior home, Hall embarked on a project that changed his life, and has since changed the lives of thousands. Discover the eleven words – as well as the secret word – that when used correctly, can light your path to the lifelong success you deserve.

Aspire: Discovering Your Purpose Through the Power of Words


by Sheila Kennedy

A Spiritual and Metaphysical Practitioner and Teacher With a lifetime connection to the higher spiritual realms Sheila Kennedy has devoted much of her adult life to ‘working with energies’ A connection with the body of consciousness she recognizes as Sounds from Source in 2004 led to the co-creation of the family of Sounds from Source programs. ‘ The sounds facilitate the release of cellular memory and assist in restoring the body to health and harmony. In more recent times they evolved to support the healing of Mother Earth and broader expanses, and especially those related to planetary and universal healing. Well known as a Metaphysician, author and poet Sheila grew up in East Africa and the Australian outback. Sheila’s work, like her background, is an eclectic and innovative blend of indigenous and contemporary healing modalities.


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Copyright by SheilaKennedy.com | All rights reserved.