Energetic House / Space clearing

December 29, 2018by Sheila Kennedy

Energetic House / Space clearing

What is Energetic house or space clearing?

With the advent into our lives of the ancient knowledge of the eastern cultures our awareness of energies and especially areas of expertise such as energy clearing and Feng Shui have become more acceptable in our daily conversations and lives.

Although we may have often been aware in the past of ‘feelings’ in specific places, little was discussed or done about it, and people who were aware of such feelings were often described as ‘sensitive’. Many places were avoided because of these feelings or the  sensations they brought up, and these could be as wide spread as a room in some ones home which felt ‘odd’ to a particular area of the countryside which felt ‘spooky or creepy’.

Often these areas were scenes of accidents, or mishaps, and would generally be avoided after dark in case some lost ‘spirit’ was afoot.

Having been ‘aware’ all of my life of such areas and energies, I spent many years doing ‘clearings’ on homes and areas for anxious and unsettled clients. These included ‘ghost removals, as well as the more simple versions described as of ‘feeling like you could cut the air with a knife, as if someone has been arguing a lot’.

When my work load in this area began to be a drain on my time and my sound therapy practise which is one of the loves of my life I decided that something needed to be done about it.

As a Vibrational sound therapist I create frequencies of sound using ancient Tibetan bells and channelled words with pure intention, and when I was approached by a of a young client/ friend of mine, who is the manager of a number of musicians to assist him with a problem it was perfect timing.

He had commented to me on how difficult it was to set up for a particularly sensitive musician he managed after the previous performers had for example been a “rock group” and expressed a need to be able to “clear” such energies.

The Sounds from Source  Clearing Sounds were born and are used to remove negative thoughts, feelings and emotions which may be residual in and around the spaces in which we live and work. Allowing us to have a harmonious working or living environment.

This particular series of sounds is based on three short individual tracks:-

The first track of the Clearing Sounds clears the “stale” or left over energies of previous occupants of a room or building.

The second track clears any stale or negative energies which may be attached to furnishings or equipment.

The third track is played at the end of the event or stay and releases any energies which may have been “picked up” and do not belong to you.

My colleague Susan comments ‘This sound is one of my favourites.  Very useful if you give workshops or perform. Or if you own a restaurant, cafe or any other business with a physical address.  The home version of this program  is one that I would recommend everybody own.

We have made No 14  The Clearing Space and Venue sounds available for sale to the general public on The Sounds from Source web site at https://www.soundsfromsource.com/directory-of-all-sounds.html

Other sounds which may be useful are:-

No 30 Clearing Home Space and Venue,  No 58 Office / Career  No 97/ 98 Energetic House Clearing 2 program pack, No 99 / 100 Energetic Business / Office Clearing 2 program pack No 103 /104   Energetic Bed and Breakfast Clearing 2 program pack No 105 / 106 Energetic Caravan Park and  Holiday Cabin Clearing 2 program pack.



by Sheila Kennedy

A Spiritual and Metaphysical Practitioner and Teacher With a lifetime connection to the higher spiritual realms Sheila Kennedy has devoted much of her adult life to ‘working with energies’ A connection with the body of consciousness she recognizes as Sounds from Source in 2004 led to the co-creation of the family of Sounds from Source programs. ‘ The sounds facilitate the release of cellular memory and assist in restoring the body to health and harmony. In more recent times they evolved to support the healing of Mother Earth and broader expanses, and especially those related to planetary and universal healing. Well known as a Metaphysician, author and poet Sheila grew up in East Africa and the Australian outback. Sheila’s work, like her background, is an eclectic and innovative blend of indigenous and contemporary healing modalities.


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Copyright by SheilaKennedy.com | All rights reserved.