Healing Meditations

 The Rainbow Waterfall

A healing meditation which takes you gently through the energy centres of your body, allowing you to release and let go of stresses in your life.

The words and the beautiful music then lift you higher to a peaceful tranquil place where you can energise and revitalise yourself.

A favourite with many people.


The Rose Garden


What colour is your favourite rose?

Surround yourself in the colour and essence of the rose as you allow its healing energy to flow over you.

This beautiful gentle meditation will transport you to a world of healing colour.

Allow yourself to relax and enjoy.


Sheila Kennedy is well known as a holistic  therapist who uses her own guided imagery meditations with many of her clients.

Her gentle soothing voice combined with Frank Endries magnificent music create a treat for the senses.


Frank Endries was fascinated with music from an early age, originally learning to play

keyboards. Later he taught himself to play various other instruments such as guitar

and percussion.


Growing musically through exposure to many different people and bands  for well over ten years, Frank finally established his own recording environment which has given him the opportunity to experiment with many different ideas, styles and concepts.


Allow yourself to relax and unwind as they take you on a magical journey.


2 Downloadable MP3 Guided Imagery Meditations



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Copyright by SheilaKennedy.com | All rights reserved.