Control room technique

January 16, 2023by Sheila Kennedy

Control room technique

Hello this is Sheila, and this is the first official entry on newly renamed blog.  Susan my colleague and friend, and I have decided after much deliberation to change the name of our website and blog from ‘The Healing Sounds Academy’ to ‘Sounds from Source Academy’, so we have not put up any posts for the last three weeks.  However, everything has been reconfigured now and it’s business as usual

Susan has asked me to write about something specific tonight and it is related to my work over the years with both Children and Adults, and a process which I have used to “Empower People.

Susan and I would like to share this process with you and in this instance as we are relating it to children we have named it:

“Lets Make Friends”

This is a simple visualisation technique, and introduces the child to a number of ways of dealing with the everyday issues in their lives.

We all have both masculine and feminine energies , whether we are male or female, and the levels of balance or imbalance of these energies can indicate a good deal about us as a person., and how we behave or react.

For example if we are a female and have an over abundance of male energy we can be viewed as a threat by other females as we energetically appear to be “male”, even though our manner of dressing may be female.

Based on the allowing that energy can be measured from 0 to -10 and 0 to + 10 the ideal  measurement for a female is their feminine  energy is at +10 and their masculine energy at +4, for a male their masculine energy at +10 and their feminine  energy at +4

This is also true of our own personal levels of self worth and our individual ways of interacting with peers, family and friends.

I use a short explanation of this balance with the child before I begin the session, and discuss with them any issues which they may wish to deal with in their lives.

For example making friends, doing homework, keeping their room clean, being good at maths, getting their spelling all right, learning easily, remembering instructions and so on.

I make a list of the issues that the child has identified, as a basis to work from.

Then I talk to the child about them having a “Control Room”, a special place all of their own where they can go to make changes in the levels of “balance” in their lives. They are the only person who has a “key” to this special room, and the only person who can move the balance or the levers.

If you are going to use this process with your own children it is important to allow the child to measure their own levels and to gently guide them along the way, remember that this may be their first introduction to “Self Empowerment” and it is their own “personal” control room with which you will be guiding them to access.

Most children have good levels of inner knowing or intuition, and will be a good judge of what is right for them. Remember not to rush or hurry the chid

I use a short meditation process of asking the child to close their eyes, and take in  3 deep breaths,

Then breathing normally, and with each breath becoming more and more relaxed, more and more relaxed and more ns more relaxed

Then imagining that they are becoming lighter and lighter and floating up, higher and higher, higher and higher, higher and higher.

Until they come to a Golden place, a calm peaceful place which is very safe, they may remember it as some where they have been or some where they would like to go.

Ask the child to see a, path way and to allow themselves to walk along that path to a door, what colour is the door ?

Open the door and step inside, and in this room is a special area which has lots of levers on it, rather like being in the cockpit of a plane, these levers may look like the automatic gear shift on a car, or something similar, or even the controls for computer games.

Using the areas the child has already identified, ask what number from 0 to 10 with 0 being the lowest and 10 the highest the lever for making friends is at? I write this number down.

Then ask what number would the child like it to be at, move the lever up to that number and lock it into place.

Then what number is their for a girl female energy is at, from 0 to  10  or if needs be from 0 to -10, move it up to 10, lock it in to place.

What number is their male energy at, if it is above +4 move it down to +4 and lock it into place.

Continue with all of the areas that the child has identified as wanting to work on and remember to lock all of the changes into place.

I usually ask the child if there are any other levers they wish to add, and remind them that hey can come back themselves at any time and move the levers.

Once all of the levers have been dealt with, I go over the notes I have taken and remind the child of the numbers and where the levers where before and where they are now,

Double check that all of the levers are locked into place, and get the child to close the door behind them when they come out of the room.

The door may have changed colour, or have a new lock, ask the child to lock the door very well and to put the key somewhere safe that only they know where it is.

Bring the child back to their Golden place, and allow them to rest for a moment, then tell them how well they have done, how proud of them you are and ask them to bring their focus and concentration back to the room.

NOW, this process has been simplified to use it for a child, we will be offering a fuller version in the future for adult use as well as some guided imagery processes on our U tube channel as well as other options on our web sites.

We have a number of sites due to launch in the very near future, Sounds from Source, Sounds from Source Academy, which are joint sites of susan and myself, and Absolute Health and Wellness, which is a site with my husband Trevor Robinson, and The Wellvania Chronicles, which is the story of Absolute the Wellness Wizard who runs our Absolute Health and Wellness site.

So you can either keep an eye out for our launch dates OR send an email to and we will notify you of the launch dates

Until next time

This is Sheila

by Sheila Kennedy

A Spiritual and Metaphysical Practitioner and Teacher With a lifetime connection to the higher spiritual realms Sheila Kennedy has devoted much of her adult life to ‘working with energies’ A connection with the body of consciousness she recognizes as Sounds from Source in 2004 led to the co-creation of the family of Sounds from Source programs. ‘ The sounds facilitate the release of cellular memory and assist in restoring the body to health and harmony. In more recent times they evolved to support the healing of Mother Earth and broader expanses, and especially those related to planetary and universal healing. Well known as a Metaphysician, author and poet Sheila grew up in East Africa and the Australian outback. Sheila’s work, like her background, is an eclectic and innovative blend of indigenous and contemporary healing modalities.

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