Birth Trauma Parent

Following on from Birth Trauma

Although the Birth Trauma sounds were developed to deal with the anxieties I observed in the many new babies who I saw shortly after their births, where their Mother had been a client of mine and had brought the baby in for me to check it after it was born.

Over the years following this sound I had experienced at first hand the levels of the stresses and traumas not only to the parents of the new infant, however to those ‘support people’ and not only family members but also in many instances the actual midwives or doulas and hospital staff as well.

These powerful sounds assist in releasing the cellular memory of having been a part of or present at the birth of a child or children, whether currently  or at a previous time.



Online Bookings only sessions are approximately 1 hour in length and cost USD $150



At Sounds from Source In creating the Birth Trauma Parents sound we have also decided to include this powerful sound for ‘at home’ use  along with other recommendations for use including Sounds no , 35 New Mother, 36 New Father, 81 Bonding with Baby, 82 Just Pregnant, 114 Just Born 115 Stress Free Pregnancy, 695 Birth Trauma Parent. These sounds are available for purchase individually at the Sounds from Source website as below at a cost of $19 each

Or as The Just Pregnant and The Just Born Packs through

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